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Scotland vs NZ

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beatiebow Tue 25-Aug-09 17:18:28

Quite similar in many ways but my question is where do you think it would be best to live if POOR? My husband might not have a job soon and we could escape to NZ (live with my parents at first) but don't know about job prospects...and I haven't worked in years so don't know how to start.

Sibble Wed 26-Aug-09 19:53:43

Hi. In all honesty I'm not sure. My impression is that although the recession doesn't seem as bad here as in the UK, it is a reality and I know people who have lost their jobs so I guess it would depend on what work you and your dh would be looking for, where your parents live and what the job prospects are in that area. Having said that they say the economy and job prospects will improve by the end of the year. Dh is in construction, which has certainly been hit but not as badly as the UK and his company is turning work away and employing new people to keep up with the work that they have. The man next door, also in construction, has gone bankrupt at the mercy of a debtor who couldn't pay! sad

In terms of day to day living NZ prices look good when you convert pound to dollar but once you start living by the NZ dollar (which I always recommend from the minute you get off the plane, don't convert) it's definitely not cheap. Housing, basic food, books, clothes, shoes all expensive imo. There's also benefit which I assume you would be entitled to in the UK but not sure whether you would get here???

Maybe look at salaries for your dh's profession, check out foodtown or woolworth for food prices, and some other on-line shops for ideas for prices, rentals in the area you're looking at moving too (unless you're going to stay with your parents etc).

That's probably not much help. I guess I would say come because you want to rather than because you think it might be cheaper to live here, I'm not sure it would be but don't know for sure!

beatiebow Wed 26-Aug-09 21:24:03

Thanks very much for your reply Sibble. I have always thought of NZ as being cheaper to live in but I have been made aware that food for example is not so cheap. Property is cheaper but maybe not in the areas we'd actually like to live.

Actually there is no answer to my question and I know it! What we really need are jobs (wherever they may be), my husband may well be jobless here in a couple of months and is applying for positions in NZ but there are not that many in his profession.

We are currently thinking we will move because we could sell our house here and then stay with my parents until we get some work. However my parents are VERY rural and the reality of living with them might finish me off!

Part of me DOES want to go home but I don't want to feel financially railroaded into it-although that may be our reality. Am scared of trying to sit it out here and eventually losing the house.

Sorry to ramble on!

fluffles Wed 26-Aug-09 21:30:05

where about in scotland? do you need to be in the central belt or can you go further afield? do you want rural or village, town or city?

scotland varies dramatically from edinburgh/aberdeen through to some village in fife (lochgelly i think it was) that's supposed to be the cheapest place in the uk to live.

beatiebow Wed 26-Aug-09 21:44:25

Hi Fluffles, we are currently in Scotland (central belt). I think I am a bit scared about living in poverty in Scotland and that is why we are thinking of escaping to NZ (bit more support network and not quite so cold if we are homeless!).

I guess I would equate cheapest place in the UK to being a pretty undesirable place to live (but I could be wrong-have never been to Lochgelly!).

Shells Fri 28-Aug-09 21:06:38

Hi Beatiebow. We are poor in NZ! Well, its all relative - we are not in poverty and wouldn't want to compare myself with those in socially dire circumstances. But we live in a rented property on one salary with 3 kids and struggle to have any money leftover for nice stuff.

But I find it easier being poor here than I did in the UK. Food is expensive but lots of people have gardens and give you stuff. Supermarkets aren't full of tempting pre-prepared food. Entertainment is the beach and the playground and we hardly ever spend money on going out. Buy all our clothes/toys etc. second hand. And we live in a nice-ish area with good schools and I would say have a pretty good quality of life - considering.

Sibble is right - property isn't neccessarily cheap, and salaries are dreadful. But it depends what kind of life you want to live.

beatiebow Fri 28-Aug-09 22:51:58

Hi Shells. It's true what you say about the food-if I lived near my mum we could get free eggs, vegetables, honey etc. With regards to everything else I'm just feeling very confused right now!

We certainly don't live the high life here but I guess we haven't had to struggle so far and it is a scary prospect for me to face. If we (my husband!) had a job to go to then that would be taken out of the equation, but deciding whether to stay or go if there is no job in either country seems overwhelming.

Can I ask what compelled you to make the move?

Shells Sat 29-Aug-09 00:16:36

Came back to be nearer my family (I'm a kiwi, dp is british) after many years away. It has worked out nicely for the kids although I find it quite hard. Was away too long I think and I no longer feel at home.

But in practical terms, with it not really being worth my while working while DCs are small, its been a good decision.

Where are your parents? Would you be able to live nearby and work without having to be totally rural?

beatiebow Sat 29-Aug-09 08:44:18

I worry that I have been away for too long now as well (eleven years). The closest town to my parents is half an hour away-great for our kids but maybe not so much for us!

Because my husband is British I worry about him being able to settle too-how did your partner find it? Or maybe it was harder for you?

Ideally I would live in or around Wellington but I'm not really confident about picking an area that is cheap and yet nice. Whereabouts are you?

Shells Sat 29-Aug-09 19:27:02

We are in Wellington, although family are in South Island. Do you want to email me? michbirch at hotmail dot com

There are a few Wellington MNetters. Some of them will probably be way more upbeat than me. In fact pretty much everyone I know who has moved back loves it - so thats probably more what you need to hear!

beatiebow Sat 29-Aug-09 21:04:57

Hi again Shells, I have just been reading expat opinions on NZ on some forums and my head is spinning with all the pros and cons!

I have been questioning my poor husband yet again on what we are doing and it seems to be that
*if he gets a job in NZ-we go to NZ
*if he has NO job anywhere, we stay here.

So I guess we have decided to be poor in the UK if it comes down to it (more long term prospects/easier in the short term??).

I have also been checking the exchange rate and it is still not in our favour at the moment-which would mean any capital from the house would not stretch as far as I thought.

But-I would still love to live near my mum!

I will take a note of your email address in the meantime in case I need your help, thanks for that.

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