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moving to vancouver

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meadow6 Thu 20-Aug-09 13:47:27

We are in the process of trying to move to Vancouver. DH is going there in 3 weeks to suss job situation etc out. He is Canadian by birth. Are there any mumsnetters out there in Vancouver or anybody who knows the city well? I am trying to figure out where I would live with 4 kids if we were to move. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

madwomanintheattic Tue 25-Aug-09 02:09:26

my friends have been planning to move to van for ages (in their case, she is the canadian lol). they've just spent 3 weeks on a recce (they also decided to check out kelowna) but have fallen in love with white rock.

this is their second recce. two years ago they visited the city and spent 3 weeks getting really depressed and decided they couldn't afford it at all, despite loving it...

good luck with it though - when do you think you will move?

Jacksmama Tue 25-Aug-09 05:50:21

Hello. I live in a suburb of Vancouver, called Langley. We love it here. Langley City certainly isn't downtown Vancouver or Kitsilano in terms of smartness sad but it's affordable, has great schools, lovely parks, playgrounds and walking trails. We live in Walnut Grove which is North Langley. Shops and schools within walking distance, and five minutes' driving and you're in the country (horses and cows). White Rock is great, right by the ocean, but pricey. Burnaby and New Westminster are also nice. New West has a sort of "small town" feel. North Van and West Van are gorgeous but v v pricey. I personally wouldn't move to Surrey - it has some nice areas but a lot of it is scummy.

meadow6 Tue 25-Aug-09 12:54:07

Thankyou to you both for getting back to me. I would like to think that if we are going to do this it will be within the next 12 months. I want to go before my eldest starts secondary school so we have 2 years.( 4 kids to consider). I have done so much research on where to live that my mind is puddled. However I seem to have got it right!!! I would love to live in White Rock but too pricey so I was thinking of Langely. Everything I read about it is very positive with regards to family living ie good schools,sports facilities and we could afford a house that fits us. I also thought about south surrey-Cloverdale keeps popping up?? So when DH goes out in 2 weeks he wants to visit these places to get a feel for them. I have ruled out Burnaby as I wanted to be nearer the coast and North Van, apart from being too expensive sound too wet! I always come back to Langley so I really appreciate your comments as it is so hard to get it right from an armchair. I have looked at every single house on MLS!! The next step really is the visit in 2 weeks and seeing what comes of that. I would love to get a chance to do a recce with him but with 4 kids its so hard to organise but we will see.
Are there any schools in Langley that you would recommend?

Jacksmama Tue 25-Aug-09 15:48:07

Message withdrawn

meadow6 Wed 26-Aug-09 18:12:38

Thanks for your email address. I would love any info on schools, Langley areas that you have time to post. I will email you so you have my email address which will probably be easier for fine detail. DH has so much work to do when he's over there!

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