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Where do you buy kids shoes in NZ?

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beansmum Tue 04-Aug-09 03:04:56

Not the black school shoe type shoes, just ordinary trainers for a 5yo ds. Ones that wont wear out before he grows out of them. I am stuck.

Sibble Tue 04-Aug-09 03:15:45

Hi, depends on your budget. The Warehouse and K-Mart both do 'labels' but last seasons for a reasonable price. That's usually my first port of call as my ds's don't know or care about whether they are last season or the season before! Otherwise a friend just bought a pair, Nike I think, from Athletes Foot for $30 but they were in the sale.

We've also got an outlet place not too far but tbh they can still cost about $70 which I refuse to pay for 9 and soon to be 5 year olds who run through mud, hardly wear them and given half the chance will take them off and leave them somewhere.

WhatSheSaid Tue 04-Aug-09 04:59:00

Have you tried Trade Me? Loads of kids stuff on there at the mo, I think lots of people are trying to make an extra dollar or two and selling on stuff their kids have grown out of.

Or...No 1 Shoe Warehouse? Farmers? I think the other shoe shops can be fairly pricey but virtually everywhere seems to have sales on virtually all the time at the moment so you may get a bargain.

Have you tried the Salefinder website, it tells you which shops have sales on - you can search for "shoes" or whatever you're looking for.Link here

Shells Tue 04-Aug-09 05:18:43

I'd go with both those suggestions. Except Number 1 shoe warehouse, although cheap, are truly crap. shoes have fallen apart very quickly for us.

lavenderbongo Tue 04-Aug-09 06:02:44

Agree with Warehouse - cheap but reasonable quality. Dont go to Number 1 shoes they are cheap and fall apart as Shells said.
I managed to find dd a good pair of boots in the sale in Farmers, might be worth a look.

beansmum Tue 04-Aug-09 22:38:12

I'll try the warehouse, ds's last pairs were from k mart but lasted about 2 weeks each before the soles wore through! I usually try not to go to the warehouse, I always spend loads of money I don't have on things I really don't need.

beansmum Sun 09-Aug-09 22:24:34

got some! I wasn't planning on getting any for a week or two but we went whale watching this weekend and ds was sick all over his old shoes. I tried to wash them but they were still pretty disgusting and the soles started to fall apart.

The Warehouse had a really good range, got some trainers for $24, hopefully they wont fall apart.

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