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La Reunion/tropical islands

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frAKKINPannikin Thu 23-Jul-09 18:57:22

We just had official confirmation of our posting to La Reunion.

Anyone got any advice about living in the tropics? (It's just me and DH2B right now)

What do I need to take? What do I really not need?

Finally, importantly, what clothes do I need to pack?

AuldAlliance Sun 09-Aug-09 16:54:54

I lived there for 10 yrs!

If you still have my e-mail, get in touch, I'll give you the lowdown...


AuldAlliance Mon 10-Aug-09 12:35:01

Bit more time to reply now.
You don't actually need to take much, it's very French and most things are available, albeit at a higher price because of the octroi de^^mer and various cartels.
Will you/yr future DH be on a fonctionnaire contract? If so, you'll be more than comfortable financially.
Things I used to take from home were basically things I still bring here to France: tea, oatcakes, that kind of stuff. And toiletries and tampons, which are expensive.

Re clothes, where exactly are you going to be based? Temperatures vary as the island rises so steeply from the sea, so it's hot on the coast, but can get v cold in Cilaos or up in ^les Hauts^.
It'll be jeans/trousers & shirt/t-shirt weather now on the coast, you'll be able to swim so will need beach stuff, you'll need warmer tops for evenings and a fleece for the amazing walking up in the higher areas. In summer it is v hot and sticky, high humidity levels. If you have light, cotton clothes, take those, the clothes shopping is OK but not wildly exciting unless you are prepared to spend a bit.

There are microclimates, so in St Joseph it rains nearly every day in summer, in the West around St Leu it is dry, dry savannah.

I am so jealous, I left lots of very dear friends there, DS1 was born there and I often dream of going back. If you need any more info, don't hesitate to ask. We spent 4 years in the St Pierre area and then nearly 6 in the St Denis/La Montagne zone.

AuldAlliance Mon 10-Aug-09 12:38:17

Oh and a tip: if you do online shopping from UK sites and put your address as 97400 St Denis (or wherever), France (rather than Réunion), you pay Europe p&p rather than extortionate rates.

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