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Swine Flu in France

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flyingcloud Tue 21-Jul-09 11:02:05

I (shamefully) don't pay enough attention to French news and have no idea on the status of swine flu here. Does anyone know what the status is, what the guidelines are or where I might find a handy link?

I still read English news online and it seems to be raging in England, so much so that a lot of my family have advised me against travelling there while pregnant due to being in the high-risk group(which I pay no attention to). However as I seem to here/read so little about it here I just wondered if it was a case of how it was being reported.

Thanks for any answers/replies.

Othersideofthechannel Tue 21-Jul-09 17:43:07


Othersideofthechannel Tue 21-Jul-09 17:45:48

The situation is worse in the UK.

I don't think there have been any deaths in France yet.

thereistheball Mon 03-Aug-09 21:03:18

Sorry to hijack this, but does anyone know what you are supposed to do if you think you have or may have swine flu in France? I moved here quite recently, and because of various bits of unhelpful and misleading advice at my local Securité Sociale / CPAM office I still have no international SS number (I do not qualify for a French one as we pay national insurance in the UK). Also, no family doctor / medicine traitante or EHIC card (this is on its way). And DH's cover under his work's mutuelle is still being confirmed. Predictably, under these circumstances I've developed a number of flu symptoms, which I do not want DD, 22m, to catch (she is already coughing, though I am not). I don't mind paying for a consultation, but is the advice here not to go into a surgery or pharmacy, as it is in the UK? What should I do?

Othersideofthechannel Tue 04-Aug-09 06:00:28

I found this on another page of my earlier link.

"C’est à partir d’aujourd’hui, jeudi 23 juillet, que les modifications du dispositif de prise en charge des patients infectés par le virus AH1N1 prennent effet.

Les personnes présentant des symptômes relatifs à la Grippe Porcine, devront appeler leur médecin référent en priorité.

Le SAMU (15) sera désormais réservé aux urgences médicales et aux enfants de moins d’un an.

Le numéro national de renseignement dédié à la Grippe Porcine reste à votre disposition : 0 825 302 302."

If you haven't declared a 'medecin traitant' you can see any 'généraliste'. In the above it says to phone. Perhaps they will do a home visit for suspected swine flu?

thereistheball Tue 04-Aug-09 20:11:29

Thanks. In the end I went to the pharmacist next door who booked me an immediate appointment with a doctor. Am pleased that it isn't flu, although it feels like it. Thanks for looking this up though, am feeling so useless that sitting upright for more than a few minutes is too much.

Othersideofthechannel Tue 04-Aug-09 20:44:39

No problem.
Whereabouts in France are you?

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