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anyone moved abroad then moved back to uk or wants to?

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madremia09 Mon 20-Jul-09 19:31:32

i currently live in spain on the Costa Blanca.i am looking to return to the uk but am so so confused as to whether its a good move.I have 1 dd3 and 1 on the partner runs his own business to support us all which is great but how long term it is i dont know.i am homesick,feel very isolated here and find there is absoloutely nothing to do here,cant see a future?the thing is when i lived in the uk, 6 and a half years ago i still lived at home so have no idea how hard it is.with 2 dcs,dp would be the only one working,unless of course i could work around him or if childcare was cheap enough to justify going to work.............

what im looking for really is views of people that would like to return or have returned and whether they regret it/best move theyve made etc.even people in the uk who havent been anywhere and their views on the place.we are looking to move back to Devon which is where we are from..i think the place you chose to go in the uk makes a big difference.

any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you

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