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Calling any newish Mums in Hong Kong

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peanutbutteraddict Thu 16-Jul-09 06:04:15


I've just moved to Hong Kong from the UK. In temporary apartments at the moment but going to be living in the Mid Levels area (central) from the end of July. Once our life turns up on a 20 ft sea container!

Any newish Mum's out there interested in making contact. I've got an 11 month old boy. It would be great to share the culture shock experiences.

AnotherMotherNomad Thu 16-Jul-09 12:17:29

Hi peanutbutteraddict I'm not in Hong Kong, but I used to live there and I know a number of new(ish) mums there.

The AWA is very active in HK and runs a bunch of groups that are apparently good, i would recommend it as a great way to meet people. They have a Thursday morning coffee/tea thing at the Marriott in Pacific Place, where you can meet people and ask a million questions (all very friendly and helpful in getting set up over there). The only problem is that I don't think you can bring the baby.

The Annerley Midwives in LKF have a mums and baby group you could try

FWIW, I found it very easy to meet people when I was there. You have to get out and go to a few groups, coffee mornings or events but people were always very approachable and it didn't take anytime to build up a good network of friends.

peanutbutteraddict Mon 20-Jul-09 09:14:54

Hi AnotherMotherNomad,

Thank you for the web links and tips. I will have a looks at these when my DS actually stays quiet for long enough, . At the moment he is creating a disturbance in the business centre of our temporary serviced apartment - very embarrassing.

It has proved difficult to get round with a push chair my own as the MTR station nearest us does not have lift access from the street level - so its two flights of stairs before getting to the concourse. Hopefully things will get easier. At the moment going out feels like a bit of an expedition and I normally end up looking like a helpless lemming at the top or bottom of a flight of steps!

Any other tips very much appreciated.

bontheka Wed 29-Jul-09 12:10:37

Hi Peanutbutteraddict,

We spent 3 years in HKG and just moved to Brussels last month.

Get registered on and

These 2 websites are extensively used by expat mums in HKG and that is how I managed to meet up with other mummies and ended up being part of a playgroup.

You might want to take your bub to this place called Playtown in Belchers at Kennedy Town. You have to pay but it's not too expensive. Alternatively, there's a great playground at Hong Kong Park catering to kids of different ages.

Hubby and I loved living in HKG and would go back in a second if we were given the chance. Good luck!

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