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To those living in Kenya..................

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PDR Fri 10-Jul-09 12:56:42

To those living in Kenya...

Are there any baby items which are not available in Kenya or anything specific you would recommend I bring out with me for DS 13 months.

We are leaving tomorrow lunchtime.

Any advice most welcome!!!!!

Thanks in advance

PDR, I think there is only me! I was on holiday and now you will be there already! Are you moving here or is it just for a holiday?

PDR Fri 24-Jul-09 11:49:16

Hello again!

No we were on holiday - but back now - I saw you were also on hols in UK - we must have done a swap!!!!!

Actually found it very easy in Kenya with the baby and found myself asking why we didn't come visit sooner... think with DC2 (TTC atm) I will be much more relaxed!!!!

Hope you have/had lovely time visiting UK. Hope the rain clears for you!!!!!!

{grin] I am glad you had a good time, where did you go?

We are having a lovely time here in the UK but it's exhausting with 3 dc and early/light mornings!!

PDR Fri 24-Jul-09 22:34:34

We went to Malindi - would def go there again! Hotel was lovely and everyone was so friendly and kind to DS.

Journey was v long but worth it in the end! Think next time will spend a few nights in Nairobi then go from Wilson straight to Malindi as it was about 2hrs drive from Mombasa which was a PITA!

YES I had totally forgotten the uniform days/nights in Kenya! How perfect for young children's routines !?! Maybe pin some blankets to the curtains to make them more blackout...

Enjoy the rest of your hols!

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