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Moving to Adelaide from Scotland 2 weeks today!!!

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Romalo Tue 07-Jul-09 16:13:29

Whoo, after months of preparation, planning and ups and downs we are on the home straight. Visas in place, tickets booked, shipping organised, packing underway and goodbyes being said (this is the difficult bit).

This time in 2 weeks all our worldly possessions will either be in a container or we'll be dragging them up to the airport and we will not have any keys to anything which is a bit weird.

Any tips for settling 3 children aged from 7 to 2 in a new country? They are all pretty well traveled and even our DD(2.10) knows the score (or likes to think she does hmm).

Here comes the sun! (Ok, i know it's winter but it's likely to be better than here at the moment!).

ClaudiaSchiffer Wed 08-Jul-09 07:02:17

Hi Romalo and welcome (nearly) to Adelaide. I live here with my dh and 2 dds, we've been here for the past 3 years and mostly love it.

Do you know where you will be living when you arrive here? Do you have jobs to come to???

Be prepared for the COLD, yes it's Australia but it is FREEZING here. I am sitting in my house typing wearing a thick wooly jumper and ugg boots and the fire is on, in fact the fire has been on 24 hrs a day for the last few days. Adelaide houses are really cold, not set up for winter at all. At best you'll get some r/c air con but houses tend to be really poorly insulated to you WILL need all your woollies.

Re the kids, I should think they will be fine, have you got schools to enrol them in? In a few months time you'll all be at the beach having a lovely time.

Ozziegirly Wed 08-Jul-09 08:00:13

I agree, it's blardy freezing here at the moment! Nice and sunny though. In fact I popped out at lunch time and it is the perfect winter's day - clear blue sky but really cold.

Good luck with the move.

Romalo Wed 08-Jul-09 08:32:38

Hi, thanks for replies. Won't throw away the woolies just yet then! Good to hear it's dry and bright though.

DH has a job in the hospital and we're going to be staying in hospital accommodation for the first couple of weeks. Have seen a few suitable houses in the areas we are interested in online and will arrange viewings for as soon as possible after we arrive. Very keen to get that bit sorted so we can get the DC into school asap.

Lots to do, thanks for good wishes.

Ozziegirly Wed 08-Jul-09 08:58:55

Is that the RAH?

If so, it's in a good location, North Adelaide is very nice.

<tries to think of other helpful info>

Rental places will ask for references from your last landlord (if you're currently renting) so good to forwarn previous landlords. And ours wanted proper info on things like "were we tidy". hmm

Saying that, there were loads of cheap houses and we didn't find it hard to find a nice place at all. But we had been in Sydney which is expensive, and London before that, so we were spoiled.

Romalo Wed 08-Jul-09 09:19:23

Thanks Ozziegirly. Yes, RAH on North Terrace. We were looking at North Adelaide and Norwood in particular, have seen a nice house there which would be good to start us of. There does seem to be quite a lot about so hopefully it won't be too difficult or take too long as I believe the hosp accommodation is quite 'basic'.

Hope the weather heats up a bit soon although at least it will give us time to acclimatise before summer! I remember you telling me before how much your rent was in Sydney, think we made the right choice of city on that point alone.

It is all very exciting grin

ClaudiaSchiffer Wed 08-Jul-09 10:30:18

I'm not sure what the rental market is like now but it has been pretty busy. Are you looking to rent or buy? If renting then make sure you get in quick and hassle the agents as in the (recent) past the market has been very low supply - particularly for decent places in good areas.

If buying be aware that houses are generally priced below current market value ie if it states on that the house is for sale at $600K (for example) expect it to sell for more, the system is quite different from the UK!

Lots of nice playgroups around for the little 'un. Norwood is a great area, really nicely cosmopolitan. North Adelaide is also great but slightly more 'stiff' - has a fab playground though.

Spring is lovely, but weather won't really warm up properly until December so don't expect to be flashing your bikini yet.

Very exciting for you all, it is good here.

How are you getting on Ozziegirly??

Ozziegirly Thu 09-Jul-09 03:24:39

Norwood is nice, in fact pretty much anywhere around the South and East of Adelaide is very nice, and then you of course have the beaches which are also lovely. I don't profess to know everywhere!

But also it's really easy to get around everywhere. "Rush hour" is really not all that rushed at all.

I'm doing ok Claudia, thank you. You?

I'm feeling a bit unsettled as DH keeps talking about a move back to Sydney with work. He was made redundant in Sydney but his firm moved him internally to Adelaide, but they are picking up again and he is ambitious and the "better" job is in Sydney.

Tough one. It's work life balance really. In Adelaide we can have a lovely house, 20 mins from work, get away easily at weekends etc etc. But in Sydney he can be a bit more of a "high flyer" and progress really well in his job.


ClaudiaSchiffer Thu 09-Jul-09 05:28:19

Hey there Ozziegirly, I am homesick. God, soooo homesick at the moment. Quite a few of my Pom chums here are heading/have gone to England for their winter/summer hols and I am soooo envious.

Also my eldest daughter is being a right problem child (she is 4) and I want to go and sit in my mums kitchen with a lovely cup of PG tips and talk it over with her, and I can't waaaaiiiiiiiiil.

Maybe I'll post a thread about it all so I can garner some advice/sympathy wink.

Tricky one for you and your DH. It does seem that Adelaide means the death of all ambition. I have a few friends (aussies) who were very high flyers in London, moved back here and have found it impossible to get jobs anywhere equivalent of what is available overseas or in Melb/Sydney. It is a shame. How do you feel about going back to Sydney?

Ozziegirly Thu 09-Jul-09 05:37:34

I am with you on the homesick actually. My best friend just had a baby and although I stalk her constantly on facebook it is no substitution to being able to pop round and play with said baby.

We are also TTC at the moment and I keep getting gut wrenching guilt and sorrow at the thought of bringing up a child so far away from its grandparents, cousins etc.

Apart from that I'm ok.

I would actually be fine at going back to Sydney. I really like Adelaide but I haven't made as many friends here as I did in Sydney, and (I know this is an awful thing to say) I do find a lot of people here (especially those that I work with) are really only interested in sport and Adelaide centralised things, whereas in Sydney people tended to have travelled more and I had more in common with them.

But equally I would like a big house with a swimming pool <greedy>

What I would really like is to be able to live somewhere with good jobs, interesting people, not 24 hours from our friends and families but with good weather and a decent standard of living. Asking too much?

ClaudiaSchiffer Thu 09-Jul-09 05:54:13

Oo congrats on ttc, good luck etc etc. And I have much sympathy with the whole guilt about bringing up kids away from extended family/Britain. It is something that really bothers me, my dh just doesn't 'get' it at all and I find it desperately upsetting.

God, don't get me started on how insular Adelaidians can be. It drives me nuts. They are so depressingly certain that Adelaide is the greatest place to live on earth, mostly without ever having left the place. Also I find people here mostly, very 'straight'. Maybe it's the circles I move in but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of alternative thinking here.

If you find the place with good jobs, interesting people, not 24 hours from our friends and families but with good weather and a decent standard of living, do let me know about it and I'll come too grin.

Sorry Romalo, I hope this doesn't put you off!

Ozziegirly Thu 09-Jul-09 06:08:28

I agree on the "straightness". They are nice enough people but I just haven't really clicked with anyone yet. In fact, one girl I did, but she moved to Sydney!

We went on holiday in a camper van to Kings Canyon/Uluru etc and the I think there were only 2 poeple in my office of about 25 who had been to the Northern Territory.

I understand them not having been overseas but loads of them have hardly left South Australia. And this is a law firm, so not the kind of people you would expect to be backward hicks.

It's weird, because part of me thinks that bringing up a family with wide open spaces, good schools etc would be fantastic, but then I think that actually being somewhere like Sydney, at least there would be something for older ones to do so they don't end up hanging around on Hindley Street every friday night!

When I mentioned to one of the women I work with that I thought it would be good for a child to do the International Baccalaureat as then they would find it easier to go to Uni overseas she looked at me like I was bonkers and intimated that I was mad for not thinking that Adelaide University (or Flinders I can never remember) was the highest pinnacle of educational achievement.


It is nice though, I certainly don't hate it, but I'm not sure if I can see myself here forever, mainly as I would be scared of losing touch with the rest of the world!

We get foxtel basically so we have access to CNN, Sky News and the BBC news otherwise we feel like there is this whole world out there that Adelaidians never come into contact with!

ClaudiaSchiffer Thu 09-Jul-09 06:33:32

Ozziegirly we should meet up and have a whingeing pom session over a drink grin

audreyraines Thu 09-Jul-09 06:42:03

OOoh pop on down to Cikolatte on Melbourne Street for a coffee, it's lovely. And go and get some lovely food from the central Market. good luck!

Ozziegirly Thu 09-Jul-09 10:47:29

Yes I must say, I do love central markets.

We should meet up, it sounds nice.

Adelaide does have loads going for it, but I guess it's just a bit of a culture shock after London and Sydney! When we do loads of going out stuff and outdoorsy things then I enjoy it loads more.

audreyraines Thu 09-Jul-09 13:35:01

I'll rack my brain for excellent adelaide things to do. although i didn't have any kids way back then, so don't know about that side of it I'm afraid. The food is excellent though, and so is the wine. And the beaches.

Off the top of my head, drive down to port willunga, have some lunch at star of greece and then have a swim. make sure you book though, if you want to eat in the proper restaurant.

And there's a polish shop in the central market where you can buy the most enormous tray of baked cheesecake for $12 (well last time i was there anyway).

audreyraines Thu 09-Jul-09 13:36:39

oh, i also know a fantastic masseuse in adel if you are in need!

ClaudiaSchiffer Thu 09-Jul-09 23:28:22

Audrey did you grow up here? Where are you now?

I agree Star of Greece is fab, but pretty Kerching. Russells Pizza is jolly splendid if you're down in Pt Willunga. You're right Audrey the food/wine here is excellent, the quality of restaurant or even pub food is superb. And its fantastic to have world class wineries on your doorstep. Yayyyyy!

What's the name of the masseuse? I am in need of a soothing massage.

audreyraines Fri 10-Jul-09 02:33:48

Yes I did grow up there, but in London now.

Fab Masseuse

Also the organic pizza place on hutt street, i often crave their pizzas.

Romalo Mon 07-Sep-09 05:50:28

Hi all again.

Well we are now pretty much settled in Norwood, Adelaide and loving it - despite the Scottish weather! Everything has fallen into place pretty easily and we feel like we have been here a lot longer than just 6 weeks. Have met lots of people through (very lovely) school and playgroup and even met a few people I knew at the Royal Show on Saturday despite the crowds!

I appreciate what a lot of you are saying about Adelaide being a bit of a backwater but when you've come from a small Scottish market town it's extremely cosmopolitan and lively! Love the outdoor cafe lifestyle and imagine that will only pick up as the weather improves.

I do have a couple of questions I hope someone might be able to help me with - we have our medicare cards and there is a walk in doctors clinic round the corner which is brilliant but they don't require me to register so they will not know about vaccinations that the children may need etc, do I need to register at a practice and if so how do you choose which one as there seems to be loads around?

Also is there a central place where you apply for kindy place? DD (nearly 3) will qualify from Oct next year, do I have to register her at all the preschools around to try and get a place?

Thanks for your help and roll on Spring! Although I know it's going to get scary hot - been warned many times wink.

ClaudiaSchiffer Mon 07-Sep-09 07:04:08

Hi Romalo so glad you've arrived and are settled.

Ignore my previous ramblings, I don't want to put you off. Adelaide is a great place, you'll have a ball here. It's a brilliant city in which to bring up kids, easy to get around, good parks, high standards of care for the kids and near to the beach and lovely countryside!

Norwood is a fantastic place to live, it used to be a very Italian area (now more yuppified) but it does retail quite an Italian air, and the Parade is great, heaps of fab cafes and shops.

I don't think you will need to register for a doc. You can see anyone here, which is great, although it does cost (you will get most back through Medicare). The thing to do re vaccination is to show your doc a list of vaccinations your child has had already and they will schedule any further ones needed. I think they also notify some kind of central register - I think you only get benefit if your child has been vaccinated - not totally sure about that but the gvmt does monitor and send you reminders. In terms of who to choose, I would just chat to local mums and see who gets a good recommendation.

AFAIK there is no central Kindy register place - just find one you like and register your dd there.

Good luck!

Don't be scared about the summer, I'm guessing your house has aircon? It's a different kind of heat to the UK so although I found 24 degrees hot in the UK here I am happy up to about 35. Over 40 takes a bit of getting used to and I wont go on about the day last year it got up to 46!!!!!! grin

Ozziegirly Tue 08-Sep-09 05:47:20

Hi there,

I was wondering about you the other day actually, pleased you have arrived and are settling in well.

And yes everyone went on at me about the heat too, but I was fine probably right up until it hit 40 degrees. It's not humid at all and I like being able to sit outside in the evening. Above 40 it's a bit on the warm side, but it was only above 40 for a couple of weeks this summer.

Drs, Claudia is right, you can go anywhere. I go to one in the city which probably won't help you. I'd ask around if I were you.

Romalo Tue 08-Sep-09 08:09:01

Hi to you both and thanks for the replies and info.

Good to hear that the weather shouldn't floor us too often, people have said it's a really dry heat and once in the shade it's not too hard to deal with. We do have aircon but can't imagine having to use it at the moment, it's really chilly today!

Norwood is lovely and we are really enjoying having everything on our door step and an easy walk into the city, although no one else seems to walk anywhere. I suppose the distances are so vast that it's just not generally considered to be an option. We are really looking forward to getting our stuff in a few weeks time - then we will feel as though we are properly here to stay.

Thanks again.

TALLULAHBELLE Sat 09-Jan-10 22:21:40

Hi I know this thread is pretty old but just to say I'm moving to Adelaide from Glasgow at end of Feb with 3 DD's. Will read the advice here in a mo (have lived there before but pre DC's). Just wondered if you still manage to MN Romalo & if would be OK to pick your brains on stuff like kindy, playgroups, support for families with young children etc.

Hope you are settling in OK & not finding the heat too unbearable.

Ozziegirly Mon 11-Jan-10 02:54:29

Bump for Romalo.

Am sweltering in the heat and longing for it to break tomorrow!

Good plan to leave moving until the end of feb as you may miss the worst of the 40+ days.....

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