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Taking cat from Germany to Australia - anyone done this?

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Wookecat Mon 06-Jul-09 12:01:32

We are going to live in Sydney and are currently in Germany. We plan to take our cat back with us. Does anyone know a good company who would take care of the details for us? Or has anyone actually done it all themselves? If so what are the ins and outs that we need to know. Thanks

eidsvold Wed 08-Jul-09 09:18:19

info here

chloeb2002 Wed 15-Jul-09 05:12:19

hi we took our dog from uk to australia... and my husband may never forgive me... gulp.. i appreciate that dogs are a bit biggre than cats and slighly more expensive but if i was in the same position again i would probably not bring her but find a friend to adopt her. it cost in the region of 3000 gbp to get her door to door and we did everything bar book the flight ourselves! flights have to be booked by an agent. we did leave our cat behind because i was too worried about different prey etc.. snakes... cane toads... that may harm her. and felt that it would be sods law that she would find something and die in a few months.. now have two great kittens aquired here at minimal (free ) cost.. who are part of our family as well as two more dogs... a rat... two horses... chooks.... the list will go on im sure!

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