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To all Melbourne mumsnetters !!!

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lulalullabye Fri 03-Jul-09 04:14:35

Hello, just a quick hello to everybody out there. It has all gone a bit quiet 'down under' so I thought I would just say hello and see how everybody is grin

esselle Fri 03-Jul-09 07:04:29

Hello! I'm too addicted to reading the Twilight books these days to MN!! Have read them twice in the last month!

Anyway I will have to come over to the Eastside and catch up with you soon. Gonna arrange something with wilbs when she gets back.

lulalullabye Fri 03-Jul-09 07:30:40

Goodo, I have read them and now sitting here thinking wtf do I do now ???

esselle Fri 03-Jul-09 07:36:03

Read 'em again, then watch the DVD a few times!grin

lulalullabye Fri 03-Jul-09 07:38:23

Now, is the dvd any good ?

esselle Fri 03-Jul-09 08:29:47

Oh yes!! Yes indeedy!! I have watched it daily many times since I bought it.

Not as good as the books but that is always the way when a book is made into a film. Loads of the movie is just how I saw places/people in my mind when I was reading the book.

Now Rob Pattinson who is Edward in the movie... OMG I have the biggest teenage crush on him!!!!blush

Oops bugger it looks like I have turned your thread into anther Twilight thread. Sorry!

lulalullabye Fri 03-Jul-09 09:48:45

Thats not a problem, may watch it over the weekend ! But you are sadder than I thought, and you look so normal sad

esselle Sun 05-Jul-09 04:41:56

Oh great! Just as long as I look normal - all is good!!wink

lulalullabye Sun 05-Jul-09 07:33:32

Oh Yes !!

By the way, been to Victoria market this morning, loved it ! One of the girls here and I (haven't spoken to Wilbs yet), are going to start shopping there once a week, try and save a bit of money. Not sure which day yet but will let you know and then we could have a mass shop, and eat, obviously grin

esselle Mon 06-Jul-09 06:58:25

I love shopping at the markets!! The prodice is just so fresh and such high quality.

I am def up for a weekly meet-up/shop/lunch!

esselle Mon 06-Jul-09 06:58:52


lulalullabye Mon 06-Jul-09 13:13:38

Ok. We will be in touch. Also thinking about a sat pm meet up, for a bit of a wander and dinner etc etc(in town). Might pop over your way in the next couple of weeks as dd2 in nursery for the next three fridays, so will only have dd1. Easy peasy !

glasgowtomelbourne Thu 23-Jul-09 02:37:32

Hi there,
I'm Allison and have recently signed up to Mumsnet. Glad to see there are some mums here in Melbourne.
Hope to get chatting to you!

esselle Thu 23-Jul-09 04:31:57

Hello glasgowtomelbourne welcome to Mnet!

Have you been in Melbourne very long? There are quite a few of us here lurking about the place when everyone else is asleep.

lulalullabye Thu 23-Jul-09 04:59:28

Hey welcome Glasgow grin. where are you ? As esselle said, we do pop up during the day/night whatever timeline you are on !!

P.s esselle, what time tomorrow ??

esselle Thu 23-Jul-09 05:40:15

10ish would be fine....

glasgowtomelbourne Thu 23-Jul-09 05:41:38

I've been in Melbourne for 3 years. Just done my citizenship ceremony
I've one DS who is 14 months old and is keeping me on my toes.
I'll keep an eye out for you around the boards.

esselle Thu 23-Jul-09 05:49:48

I have been here 2yrs. I am an Aussie but lived in London for 10yrs prior to moving here. Not from Melb either.

My DS is 19mo and DD 5yrs they keep me darn busy... Roughly where in Meb are you? I'm in the western suburbs.

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