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Anyone ever done Shipping? tip please...

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quinne Sat 27-Jun-09 08:05:57

We are moving back to the UK (from Croatia). The removal quotes.. man with big van type... are about ?5000 which I think is extortionate. So i am thinking of sending the stuff by sea instead. Does anyone have experience of doing this? Any tips or advice? How do you get your stuff into a container and how do you unload it at the other end? What is the nearest port to surrey anyway???

inscotland Sat 27-Jun-09 20:45:12

We're about top ship our home to Australia. Cost is £5,700 for a 40 foot container and we have a 4 bedroomed house with space to spare in it.

We've been told it will be around 8 weeks to oz plus clearing time.

Quote includes company to come in and do all packing (container will be packed and sealed here), shipping to Oz and removal company at the other end including unpacking.

Seems your quote it pretty steep.

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