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Aussie members. Talk to me about lightbulbs!

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inscotland Sun 14-Jun-09 20:36:09

So I understand that UK and Oz bulbs are compatible but that something in Oz is changing in November. Will the new bulbs still be compatible. Just doing my packing list for emmigrating.

eidsvold Mon 15-Jun-09 03:45:20

you know - seriously why waste space packing lightbulbs when they are so cheap here.

savoycabbage Mon 15-Jun-09 04:22:12

What space are you wasting though? I must have had a massive container because I did bring my mop bucket and I never even thought about space.

Somebody from the council came the other day and my dh let them take ALL OF OUR BULBS away and replace them with stupid energy efficient ones. It's like living in a rabbit warren now.

ninedragons Mon 15-Jun-09 07:04:16

We're changing to energy efficient ones, which I believe work with everything except dimmer switches.

I found some excellent ones on the weekend. They're not compact fluorescents (the spiral-shaped ones that give people migraines when they're reading and give off mercury vapour if they get broken); they're compact halogens or something. They're by Osram and they come in orange boxes. They give a lovely clean bright light, unlike the compact fluorescent ones.

inscotland Mon 15-Jun-09 19:44:30

oooh no sorry I meant if I should pack all my table lamps!

ninedragons Tue 16-Jun-09 06:28:51

Ah, right. It's just that there was another thread recently asking about packing lightbulbs.

Yes for table lamps, if you particularly love them. I wouldn't bother if you're just ho-hum about them - I regret bringing the amount of stuff we did from Shanghai. I should have flogged more of it while we were there and had the fun of buying new stuff here.

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