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Singapore mums - please help me find a Joeysafe!

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IrritableGrizzly Wed 03-Jun-09 08:19:28

Ds2 is now 12 months old so has nearly grown out of his rear facing carseat and I am trying to find a new way of safely taking him in taxis. I don't think the Joeysafe is perfect but I think it's about the best option I've got, certainly better than just holding him on my lap. Does anyone know if there's anywhere to buy these things in SG, or do you know someone who's selling one secondhand - if so please let me know!

FleurDelacour Fri 05-Jun-09 17:29:02

You could try posting on the mums and dads section of expatsingapore dot com, they are a helpful bunch and might know. Here's the link: expatsingapore

IrritableGrizzly Mon 08-Jun-09 04:16:23

Thanks for the reply. I actually tried there first but the Board Manager chose to delete the whole thread, for what reason I don't know! It was hardly controversialhmm

Anyway, I'll keep looking on the buy/sell section and on Ebay - sure one will come up soon!

FleurDelacour Mon 08-Jun-09 11:39:46

Mmmmmm they are a law unto themselves the mods on that board. You could try putting a note up at a few Cold Storages eg Jelita and Tanglin Mall. Have you tried looking round the childrens shops on the top floor of Paragon (the opp end to Toys R Us) as there is quite a lot of nice stuff there. Or can you order direct from the manufacturer?

IrritableGrizzly Mon 08-Jun-09 12:43:20

That's a good idea about the Cold Storages. I know the baby shop in Paragon sells the Tote'n'Go, which doesn't sound as convenient as the Joeysafe. I think I will try the manufacturer's website again; it wasn't working the other day. Thankssmile

Expectant Tue 09-Jun-09 10:03:51

Hi I'm looking for one too and one of my friends has tried to e-mail the distributor. I also tried the links in the old threads about this but they don't work! Will post back if my friend hears anything and let you know. My DS still just about fits in his 0+ car seat as he's 10months but getting to be a tight fit grin

oopsacoconut Tue 09-Jun-09 10:14:51


When my parents were in Singapore they bought theirs for my sister direct from the US website.


Expectant if I had known you were looking when you were her I could have nicked my folks one for you.

Expectant Tue 09-Jun-09 11:13:57

Oops if it's still available my MIL is coming out in August for DS birthday you could send it to her? Let me know how much you want for it.

oopsacoconut Tue 09-Jun-09 11:46:52

Expectant - will get my dad to ferret in the loft this weekend to see if it's around.

Expectant Sat 20-Jun-09 08:06:15

I found the ride safer harness in Mother's Work at Great World City.

egypt Sun 12-Jul-09 11:56:19

Gosh have been looking for one for ages and nothing about. You just recently bought yours expectant? Will have to go there and pick one up.

SoNotExpectant Mon 13-Jul-09 05:31:04

Hi Egypt I actually ordered mine from the website in the US as when I checked the price it was US$78 for two (so I ordered one for a friend) plus about US$40 for shipping. It came to S$176 for the two compared to * S$235* at Mothers Work shock. They also were delivered in about 4 days from me ordering which was great. So would recommend that route if you haven't already bought one.

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