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I know its been done to death - but help - potential Dubai move

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Eve Sat 30-May-09 22:39:45

..possibility of both DH and I having a company move to Dubai for a couple of years.

Very tempted to move.. need a change from the UK (both DH and I are non UK nationals but with UK passports.


1) working in Media/Internet City area, where is best place to live. We have 2 boys 10 & 7 so need somewhere with easy access to school and work.

2) is it easy to find activitives for boys and me to do, we are very active and love horse riding (we have ponies at the moment) and are in pony club. Boys also wind surf and do twae kwondo. We also Ski as a family.

..can't think of other questions.. am sure will have some.

Eve Sun 31-May-09 17:31:55


MABS Sun 31-May-09 18:12:55

am watchin this, similar situation here, but abu dhabi

mumoverseas Mon 01-Jun-09 13:17:28

I'm not in Dubai but KSA however a really good friend of mine moved to Dubai a few years ago.

She lives in a lovely area called Arabian Ranches. It has shops and restaurants etc and a really good school. She has two DC, aged 10 and 13 and they do loads of activities including various watersports and I'm pretty sure they used to do tae kwondo.

Will contact my friend (not a Mner)and ask her

hairygodmother Mon 01-Jun-09 13:55:43

We were in Middle East until a couple of years ago (Oman) and I think Dubai has changed too much recently for me to offer you any advice re area (except to say that the traffic is DIRE so don't go too far afield!), but as far as activities go, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find plenty to do. Horse riding in partic I think you'll have no problem with, all those beautiful Arab horses. And of course there's the ski dome or whatever it's called (slightly tongue in cheek, I believe the 'black run' takes less than a minute to get down ...). Although you could always try sandboarding which I've heard is great fun. It's the perfect place to do outdoor activities as, apart from a few boiling months in the summer, you can be outside all the time! I say, go for it, great place to grow up for kids, beach and swimming every day, lovely. (Mind you, not sure how much of beach is accessible any more with all the building that's been going on). Good luck anyway.

Starmummy Tue 02-Jun-09 16:09:38

Hmm we have been here in dubai 3 years. Ds is now 13, he attend a school that was one of only four rated outstanding. All I can say if thats outstanding then god help the rest of them.

Aside from that and some people are happy with schooling, not many I would be surprised if mumoverseas friend in AR (Arabian Ranches) (DXB thrives on acronyms)is actually really happy with school. IMHO of course.

We live in Meadows just across from DMC (Dubai Media City). We love it, yes it is a bit Stepford wives but then so is most of Dubai. In the same area are The Lakes, Springs (smaller terraces of 4 houses rather than stand alone villas), Emirates Hills whcih is massively expensive (houses come with prayr rooms, maids kitchen, elevator etc, parking for 10 cars) so I dont know about your budget but I dont know anyone who can fford to live there. Bit further but still only 15 mins is Jumeriah Islands, quite a nice area.

Have a good look at all the info you need to know and then some is on then. That goes you as wll MABS as it has a section also for AD (Abu Dhabi).

Horse riding is possible at the Polo club, the Plantationa nd other places, generally a waiting list and expensive. Wind surfing is possible as is kite surfing. Not sure where you would get leson but I am sure it is possible.

Basically there is a waiting list for virtually everything because DXB has expanded so quickly all the support services havent kept up, including schools, horse riding, sailing clubs etc.

Most schools offer skiing, gold and sailing as a paid for after school activity.

Decide what you think your future holds ie. how much more travelling you will be doing and it will help you choose a school. Many do IB, other USA or UK. That will narrow your choices, and whatever you do dont be taken in by the school blurb, see for yourself (as always of course).

And of course I have to tell you that on May 31st the temp reached 50 degrees!!! And the paper says no rain for 8 months! However we still love it here.

Any questions just fire away.

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