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Any one up for Belgian MNetters Meet Up?

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PortoPandemico Thu 07-May-09 19:54:25

I've noticed there are a few of us now, Brussels, Leuven, Antwerp, elsewhere?

We're approaching that period where the weather might be reasonably nice, so I thought it might be good to organise something if you're interested.

I have no real idea of how to go about this, but have to start somewhere.....

Let me know!

ScaryTeacher is in! I hope she is scary in RL wink!

PortoPandemico Thu 07-May-09 21:20:22


PortoPandemico Fri 08-May-09 11:47:16

Shamelessly bumping

PortoPandemico Fri 08-May-09 21:52:58

And again...

monkeybumsmum Fri 08-May-09 22:13:25

Oooh oohh oooh hello! I'm in! Think Ruthchan would be too...

Where are you and ScaryTeacher? I'm between Wavre and Jodoigne (near-ish Leuven) but am quite happy to travel.

What were you thinking of doing?

PortoPandemico Fri 08-May-09 22:28:21

I'm i Zavetem, so halfway between Brussels and Leuven. I think Scary lives Tervuren way....? I think belgo is in Leuven, and there are others are about somewhere?

At this point I would say Leuven is a good central area.....So ou're in the deepest French speaking bit, Monkey?

PortoPandemico Fri 08-May-09 22:33:08

Please excuse my crap typing!

monkeybumsmum Sat 09-May-09 12:39:42

Yes, I suppose you could say that, not that my French reflects that in any way blush

Leuven sounds good for me, RuthChan's in Waterloo, but am pretty sure she wouldn't mind travelling. If others get involved though then maybe we should think about going into Brussels, as quite a few are there... Even Tervuren might be a good idea - we could always do a picnic in the park if the weather is up to it. Do you have little ones to bring along? I have a ds who's 2, so if we did go to Tervuren maybe we should try to stay away from the lakes! Can just imagine ds thinking it'd be fun to fall in grin

When shall we do it?

Am glad you've taken the bull by the horns and started a thread, it'll be good to finally get something organised!

RuthChan Sat 09-May-09 19:07:15

Hello everyone!(Runs in puffing and sorry to be late)
Thanks for the heads-up about this thread MBM.
I'm definitely up for a meet-up. As MBM said, I'm in Waterloo. I have DD aged 2.6 and DS aged 0.6, so somewhere easily accessible by car would be good. I'm guessing that MBM would go for a Wednesday by choice. (?) Wednesday or Friday would be good for me.

PortoPandemico Sat 09-May-09 21:46:58

You're not too late RuthChan! Early days in the arrangements in fact. Somewhere vaguely south of Brussels but without open water is sounding good at this moment!

monkeybumsmum Sun 10-May-09 19:10:11

Sounds great smile
As RuthChan said, Wednesdays are best for me, until July, and then I can do any day of the week during the school hols - what bliss!

Just need a few more joiners now grin

RuthChan Sun 10-May-09 20:07:38

I'm the same in being available any day during the hols. I will see if I can contact Longtimeinbrussels. She might be up for joining too.

LongtimeinBrussels Sun 10-May-09 21:55:52

Thanks RuthChan! I'm in though timing at this time of year is a bit difficult (lots of tutoring of desperate students wanting to pass their exams!). The summer holidays would be the best, otherwise I'll try and rearrange stuff.

RuthChan Sun 10-May-09 22:27:38

Hi LTIB!! Nice of you to join us.
It sounds like we all might be more available after schools have broken up for the hols. Maybe we should be thinking about the end of June/early July???

PortoPandemico Mon 11-May-09 10:30:12

It's not SOO long til the summer hols is it? Do we all bring the dcs? I had a thought about Rouge Cloitre, in the foret de Soignes. HereThere's a big playground there, and they were renovating the restaurant the last time we went.

The park at Tervuren is always good. There are definitely places you can get away from the water. And there is the playgrounds and various cafes as you head back into town.

And wasn't the weather glorious yesterday? I enjoyed sitting in a deckchair in the garden with a book whilst dh washed the car and dd went next door to play. Hope everyone had a good Fete des Meres.....

timmette Tue 12-May-09 14:46:29

Hi everyone can I join in I'm in Antwerpen.
Hi monkeysbumsmum are you still thinking about a slowcooker?

sleepmore Tue 12-May-09 14:51:37

Hello everyone

I have just stumbled across this. I am in Tervuren and would be interested in meeting up.

monkeybumsmum Tue 12-May-09 17:52:08

Hooray, more joiners smile The more the merrier!

Hi timmette, yes am still thinking about it, but dh has vetoed it for the time being sad as he's worried about burning the house down with the dogs in it while we are out... I would really like to get one though as I think they make such sense. Will probs go for a cheaper one that I'll use, just not as often as I'd like to! I think Tesco do one for £10, so if I get it and don't use it very much it won't be the end of the world.

I think early July would be great for a meet-up. Porto foret de Soignes sounds fab, but then I'm happy to go anywhere really. The playground/restaurant combo does sound good though smile timmette would that be too far for you to travel?

sleepmore hello! How long have you been over here? You're lucky living in Tervuren, it's lovely!

Maybe we should try to track down a few other Belgian MNer's? Am sure belgo must be about somewhere. Even if people can't make it, it'd be a shame to organise something and have some not knowing about it and missing out.

timmette Tue 12-May-09 18:37:22

Hi Monkeybumsmum - apparently it is as dangerous as leaving a light on - I know what you mean my sis is having the same reaction from her husband.
Can't do first 3 weeks of July on holiday grin. But go ahead and organise I can always join another meet up. To be honest I am not really making any plans at the moment as am pregnant again grin and very nervous after what happened last time - I know I can't hide for ever just want to know everything is ok first.
Hisleepmore I used to live in Vossem that's in the same area - do you like it?

letswiggle Thu 14-May-09 14:06:36

I'm moving to Brussels in August and will be on for meet up number 2. In the meantime, looking for a house in Uccle/Ixelles, in case you have any advice?

monkeybumsmum Thu 14-May-09 17:38:25

Hi letswiggle smile We shall look forward to meeting you in the near future! How long are you coming over for?
Have a look on this site for houses, whether you're renting or buying. I work in Uccle, and it's a lovely area to live although can be quite expensive.
Good luck finding somewhere! If you need any help or advice about anything else then just shout!

RuthChan Thu 14-May-09 19:51:30

Hi Letswiggle
I'm afraid I can't offer specific advice about those areas,but I'm not far away in Waterloo. I just wanted to say Hi and that I'm looking forward to meeting you!

LongtimeinBrussels Thu 14-May-09 20:55:58

Letswiggle, why are you particularly looking in Uccle or Ixelles? What are the important criteria for what you want in a house? I live in Auderghem, next commune along from Ixelles. It's cheaper than Uccle and right on a metro line which makes living in the city much easier. Woluwe St Pierre's nice and the part next to Etterbeek is also on a main metro line.

LongtimeinBrussels Thu 14-May-09 21:09:17

Does anyone know what happened to CountingTheGreyHairs? She lives/lived in Belgium but hasn't posted on here for a while and I tried to send her an e-mail but it was undelivered.

letswiggle Thu 14-May-09 21:47:53

I'm looking there because the kids are going to Lycee Jean Monnet which is quite far south in Uccle. I'm not sure we want to live right down there as will be working in the European quarter, and I don't particularly want to sit in rush hour traffic twice a day (boys can go on school bus from Ixelles, so traffic is not such a big deal for them). They also look like nice areas - bois de la cambre, etangs d'Ixelles etc seem very nice.

Our criteria are pretty fixed: at least 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, pref 5 and 3 respectively, at least 250sqm, garden big enough for small boys' footie, something with some charm/character/architectural interest. Quiet street, possibility to park gigantic car within reasonable distance. Near to some public transport so nanny can get around. Nice area.

I think Woluwe is starting to get a bit far away from school. In Ixelles you're already looking at a school bus at 7.30, Woluwe they're more like 7.10, which is a bit too miserably early for February mornings ime. V.happy to hear suggestions though. Maybe I'm exaggerating about the traffic anyway? Do people go around by bike much in Brussels?

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