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**German Chat**everyone welcome* - macht es euch gemütlich

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ZZZen Thu 23-Apr-09 09:19:25

reden wir weiter...

MmeLindt Thu 23-Apr-09 09:24:46

Thanks for the new thread. I am already quite gemütlich, settled in the garden with a pot of tea. It is still a bit chilly but the sun is getting warmer.

My dog is barking at some passers-by. That is unusual. My big scary guard dog

canella Thu 23-Apr-09 09:26:58

thanks mme lindt for the link - was in the midlle of working out how to do it!! (had no idea!!)

the question on wer wird millionar the other night was about the fruhling poem that was at the beginning of the previous thread - my dh was flabbergasted that i knew the answer!! i told him that even though he thinks i waste a lot of time on the interent i'm learning all the time!! ha ha!!

admylin Thu 23-Apr-09 09:54:45

I've just brought ds back home from h's office. It's Zukunftstag here and all the 5th years are supposed to spend the day at a work place ,watching and learning about the Beruf. Ds didn't get to stay long as h has to go and do some yukky stuff with open brain operating so he's come home! His best friend was going to spend the day at an Altenheim, all the lads feel sorry for him.

ZZZen Thu 23-Apr-09 09:57:06

but they choose where to go don't they admylin? The dd of a friend of mine wants to train to be a midwife did that for a day and then I think she does a whole 2 months work experience (but she is a bit older than your ds). Actually I think it is quite good. It might make you change your career plans whilst there's still enough time to choose different subjects etc.

ZZZen Thu 23-Apr-09 09:58:41

I see Dieter Bohlen has been calling one of the DSDS candidates a bitch! Remember when they had the first Staffel, dh and I saw some judging and they ripped this schoolgirl apart, it was awful for us old fogies to watch being parent aged. Dh was saying OMG imagine that was your dc. Apparently this girl is 18, don't think he should be calling her a bitch on tv really, do you?

admylin Thu 23-Apr-09 10:03:19

The big boss of the institute came round to say hello to ds and asked him abit about himself , asked which school he goes to so he said Schillerschule, then he (the boss) said a poem by Schiller (Die Glocke I think) and said when you know that off by heart I'll buy you a bottle of wine hmm OK these scientists are abit out of our world, ds is 10! Then he said so do you also want to be a reasearch scientist? Ds said no, I want to be a judge!

Frosch Thu 23-Apr-09 10:08:03

ooh, a new thread...

Good old scary guard dog! What do you have, MmeLindt? I have a soppy Irish Setter, who barks at the wind and cats but will let anybody by with a lick and a pat.

I am busy loading up an MP3 with enough tracks to get me through a c-section scheduled for wk38. DH off to Barcelona for the entire duration of wk37 and doesn't seem to realise that that baby could quite easily turn up that week. Blokes work in specifics, don't they? (she says, generalising). Just 'cos he's pencilled it in his Outlook doesn't mean the baby has, I try to tell him.

Don't they let the parents in with DSDS? I love watching X Factor when they let the murderous grannies in to rip out Simon Cowell's throat when it's obvious DGD/DGS can't carry a note.... grin

ZZZen Thu 23-Apr-09 10:15:17

I like Irish setters. I have to admit I like watching those kind of programmes - kind of fascinated horror when I see that people think they can sing and are game to go and show the world but they are so incredibly bad some of them. How can they not know?! Do they never ask someone's opinion or tape themselves?

They do have families in at DSDS sitting together in blocks and I don'tknow how they sit through some of those judgings. Especially the parents of that girl Annemarie in the current one... although the dad looks quite murderous

ZZZen Thu 23-Apr-09 10:16:46

just to put your mind at rest, my dd turned up 2 weeks early, the doctor had gone off on holiday, saying I'm sure she won't come early

Like the idea of taking music with you! Hope the C-section goes well.

MmeLindt Thu 23-Apr-09 10:18:08

oooh, Frosch. Your DH is cutting it fine. Mine was not allowed to travel after wk 36. Write him a memo for his blackberry, he might take that more seriously.

I communicate a lot with DH via Outlook. I am planning his birthday party at the moment so zinging emails back and forth.

LOL at my scary dog. Have a look at my profile for a pic of the terrifying terrier

Hehe Admylin, ein Richter. Good answer from your DS.

Frosch Thu 23-Apr-09 10:23:39

It's their unshakeable self-confidence I can't believe! Even when they are appalling, the doting family sit there saying how "she's going all the way, she's got star quality" and all that guff. I'm all for supporting people's dreams but sometimes surely it's kinder to point out that they sing like Edith Piaf at 33rpm.

Years ago, my sister tried out for X Factor and I admit she can actually sing but didn't get past the researchers as she didn't have an interesting enough "back story". It's all big fix!!!

Is Zukunftstag like work experience week? I remember crying when I had to finish my week with the police; it was fab...

ZZZen Thu 23-Apr-09 10:31:05

Men can be such twats at times the way they have of coming over the big Oberlehrer. Dh is like this, was asking dd the other week (because he happens to be reading a book on the history of Chile): "so dd what is the capital of Chile?" draws a blank "who was Salvador Allende?"

I don't get it, what's the point, showing a dc you know more than thy do about something you couldn't really expect an 8 year old to know?

I always squash him flat when he does that though. So dd has picked up my (unfortunate) style and says : "I don't need to KNOW that yet Dad, I'm 8 and rolls her eyes and looks half demented. Quite frightening to watch because it must mean that's how I do it....

I like insider information Frosch so you have to have a background of some type. I have noticed with DSDS they always have some sob story, I live in 1 room apartment with no heater with my mum and 5 sisters or I don't see my father or my grandmother died last year and I'm doing this for her etc. Did wonder how so many candidates had those type of backgrounds, didn't realise it was the selection criteria.

You could just make it up though

Frosch Thu 23-Apr-09 10:32:31

Hmm, I was going to try emotional blackmail, then trockodile's birthday party post yesterday gave me a kick up the arse; there are plenty of army wives and others who will all give birth without DH's and they don't whinge like I do. I'll just pray and cross my legs (which, incidentally, feels like there's a bloody great grapefruit thrust in between them).

I write so many emails to DH too 'cos it's the only way he'll remember anything.

ZZZen, don't say that! I have a five-year old copy of Pregnancy & Birth mag that says second babies tend to be either earlier or quicker when they shoot out. It's only a 2.15hr flight from Barcelona. I'm sure I can hang on. It's just mind over matter, innit?!?! hmm

Oh, and I love the little ankle-snapper! So süss!!

ZZZen Thu 23-Apr-09 10:37:20

are you expecting a boy or girl FRosch or some other type of fruit?

I think living OVERSEAS, you can expect your dh to be there. Army wives support each other a great deal I've noticed and I know from the American army families I've met, when someone's dh is away on active service, the other dh's still around call the wife a lot, see she is ok, mow the lawn and the wives rally round and see to it she's ok. That's not your situation.

Does he HAVE to go to Barcelona that week, really have to?

admylin Thu 23-Apr-09 10:43:16

Well were going to be trying an email and skype relaitionship soon from a distance. We'll se ehow it goes, as it is we don't talk much anyway and teh five minutes he sees his dc a day will go down OK by skype too!

I'll admit, I was quite happy to send h home for the birth of our 2nd dc, we had ds aged 16 months then so he couldn't hang around waiting so I sent them home to bed and they picked me up after the birth in the morning! Dd was 2 weeks late how ever, I was walking up hills pushing ds in his pram and walking across fields in an attempt to start the birth off, then I had a relaxation accupuncture session and that set it off the next day.

Frosch Thu 23-Apr-09 10:44:29

Yes, I'm expecting a Florida Seedless Grapefruit, extra zesty! Nah, really it's a girl.

Yes, he really, really has to because it'll all go tits up if he's not there and then I'll feel guilty because she won't turn up and he's missed it for nothing. I will let him go, then if she pitches up early, I will claim the moral high ground and demand that my name choice takes precedent and that I get breakfast in bed for the rest of the year or summat.

DH works in F1 so we are slaves to the race calender. It's bad enough that I conceived at the 'wrong' time. A November - March birth is much more convenient.... (frinkly frown emoticon)

ZZZen Thu 23-Apr-09 10:46:06

I was actually thinking that when it came to the crunch dh was a fat lot of good really at the birth. He was ok till the drastic part, cracking jokes and taking my mind off it but once it got serious he was either doing ineffectual annoying things like stroking my hair which I could do without or dithering about taking photos (!)

I felt he should be there to see my suffering. Very important for men I think

admylin Thu 23-Apr-09 10:52:24

Good news, going round teh corner at 5 o clock to see a flat (2 Zimmer) - it's still quite big for 1 but he wants to be nearby for work. I hope they offer it to us but I bet a few more people will be looking. Worst bit is we could say he'll take it now but then he'll have 2 flats to finance until end of July. What do you all think? This one is about Euro770 warm andthe smaller one will be Euro470 warm.

ZZZen Thu 23-Apr-09 10:55:40

It's a good price. Wait till you've seen it. With 2 rooms, you'd have space to stay if you and the dc visited (and you could leave more cluutter belongings behind).

Also if for whatever reason you were unhappy in the LD, you could move back at short notice even if the living arrangements would be a bit tight.

I think you will have some doubling of rent whatever you do really.

ZZZen Thu 23-Apr-09 10:56:24

I should not be online, I am putting off going to the vet, the guinea pig is limping and I feel really bad about it. Just googled yesterday and I read she might need to be amputated or even put down!

Dreadign it

admylin Thu 23-Apr-09 10:59:34

Oh no, I hope it'll be OK. Did it get it's foot caught somewhere?

Yes, we'll go for it I think and tell them we can take it now (as I think they'll give it to the people who can take it now rather than in June a sit's empty already) - when I add it up it's not a fortune and he can afford to pay both flats for 3 months anyway.

ZZZen Thu 23-Apr-09 11:11:36

wait and see. Might have thin walls, crummy bathroom etc. You need to see it but it sounds reasonable at that price and one less thing to worry about it.

She jumped down from the sofa. It's not very high and landed on a thick carpet but the bones on the legs and feet must be tiny and she might have broken some. They will have to do an x-ray. I feel iti s my fault. she moved so fast I didn't realise until she had landed, quieked and started limping.

admylin Thu 23-Apr-09 11:18:00

Well, I hope the vet is kind and can fix it somehow. Have you been before? My 2 will be so happy when I get them a pet, it's one of the first things on my list as soon as we get a place to live even if it's just a budgie to start with!

Frosch Thu 23-Apr-09 11:19:23

LOL at men watching our suffering grin

Go the the vet!! Surely they'll put a splint on her? What makes you think they'll put her down?

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