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So, what are we all doing for the Australia Day long weekend?

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VFemme Thu 22-Jan-09 09:43:39

We have two friends having their Citizenship ceremony in the morning then we're going to the Celtic Festival at Milsons Point in the arvo (because clearly Australia day is all about men in kilts - well it is the day after Burns night!)

And it's also the Chinese New Year!

AussieLou Thu 22-Jan-09 10:22:40

I wish I was home for it. I will however be hitting the Australia Shop at Covent Garden for some violet crumbles and chicos.

sandcastles Thu 22-Jan-09 10:26:51

We have a birthday tea on Sunday & on The day itself we are having a good old BBQ at the ILs...usually a good day, mainly because I don't have to cook/clean at all!

ninedragons Thu 22-Jan-09 10:46:22

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

I have the PILs here so am sneaking out for a cheeky one at our local with Brighty tomorrow night. Will probably take the ILs to Balmain, Rozelle or Glebe markets on the weekend and then watch the fireworks from the pool in our flats on Monday.

brightongirldownunder Thu 22-Jan-09 11:10:29

You have a pool ND......YOU HAVE AND POOL AND FORGOT TO MENTION IT???? Ye gads.... The first drink's on you, you swine...

ninedragons Thu 22-Jan-09 12:01:39

I'm sure I said something about it in June! I convinced DH that it was better to buy a flat with a pool than a house for the same money, and I am feeling quite vindicated in this heat.

You must bring DD over. DD & I had a fab couple of hours splashing around this afternoon.

robinpud Thu 22-Jan-09 19:05:57

tell me more about the heat please.. share it with me.. I am just lurking vicariously reliving Australia Day 2007 stadning outside the Opera House...

bananapaddlepop Thu 22-Jan-09 19:06:38

Wishing I was home in Aus enjoying it. You lucky ducks.

bumble75 Fri 23-Jan-09 19:45:46

Will be taking my vegemite with me on my snowboarding hols to France (from Edinburgh) and wishing I was at a BBQ in Sydney listening to Triple J's hottest 100.

Bananapaddlepop - love your name! Paddle pops one thing that can't be posted and I would loooooooooove one!

ClaudiaSchiffer Fri 23-Jan-09 21:04:20

I'm turning Aussie on Australia day, Yup getting my citizenship!

robinpud, it's soooooooo hot, dazzling sunshine, sparkling seas. Baked earth, grass the colour of sand. Even the crickets are finding it too hot.

There . . . better?

echt Fri 23-Jan-09 21:34:29

DH is going to The Big Day Out with DD while I slave over lesson prep...errrr..NOT.

sydneyhousewife Sat 24-Jan-09 04:03:37

Kids & I are getting up early for brekkie at Maitland Park, then spending the day in Maitland pool... all free for Australia Day, one of the advantages of living in the country! Anyone else up this way???

ninedragons Sat 24-Jan-09 05:24:10

Congratulations, ClaudiaSchiffer! You're one of us now grin

I had a bit of a falling out with ILs yesterday (saw SIL holding wriggly, sunblock-slippery toddler DD to look over a third-floor balcony railing at a shopping centre. I lost it and shouted at SIL to get back from the edge and now PILs and SIL have got the hump with me) so I don't know what we're doing this weekend.

As far as I'm concerned they can go and fuck themselves but unfortunately will probably end up making polite small talk through gritted teeth around the barbie.

mymama Sat 24-Jan-09 06:19:18

shock at slippery toddlery. Should be an interesting barbie. Not.

I am doing nada. There is a Friends marathon on Foxtel. dd 10 and I shall be watching it with our aircon on a cool 24 degrees whilst gorging on chocolate probably.

Astrophe Sat 24-Jan-09 06:45:55

Trying to keep cool! How revolting was it today!? Arrrgh! We spent the day in the paddling pool - all 4 of us, and the pool is about 1metre across. 41 degrees here - for those of you freezing in the UK!

ninedragons Sat 24-Jan-09 09:46:43

I was delighted when the Southerly Buster came in this evening. We've been in the pool all afternoon too.

I had a very Sydney moment last night after rolling out of the pub with Brighty. Got in a cab, driver didn't know where my place was and was absolutely delighted that I could direct him in Cantonese. Don't think that's a skill that will get rusty as long as I depend on Sydney taxis to get around.

VFemme Sat 24-Jan-09 22:57:27

We spent yesterday looking for the one last pedestal fan on the North Shore. It didn#t exist. Bunnings, Bing Lee, et al they all laughed us out of the door.

brightongirldownunder Sun 25-Jan-09 04:05:17

Haha - can't believe you did that ND. I couldn't even talk I was so bleeding drunk. You poisoned me bad girl. Then had DD jumping on me at 8 shouting "apple,pear, ham and toast" - that finished me off and I lived in the bathroom for the next hour. Of all the days to have a hangover from hell we had to choose the one that was 42 degrees. I am scarred for life.
It was a fab night out though. Must do it again asap.
Still have visions of you coming back from the bar saying "they've refused to serve me any more bloody alcohol".
Hehehe.... [wink}
Can't believe I tried to drag us up to that club and then walked home on my own. Apparently I was singing when I got home. The shame..

brightongirldownunder Sun 25-Jan-09 04:06:24

balls, my emoticon didn't work as per usual...

sunnydelight Sun 25-Jan-09 10:54:30

We're going to friends for a barbie - what else would you do on Australia Day. I can't believe that DH has just got out of the pool saying it's a bit chilly as it's only 27 degrees!!!!! The water was 33 yesterday - we had friends round and everyone was wrinkly by the time they went home.

ninedragons Sun 25-Jan-09 11:21:46

Errrrr, what club?

Oh my fucking god, I am filling in the Alcoheimers gaps in my evening from the internet. I am 95% ashamed and 5% secretly proud grin

I woke up at 1.30 (DH very kindly took DD out in the morning) and found I'd left all my clothes in a pile by the door (inside, I hasten to add, not outside on the doormat) and the door unlocked. You're right, it was fab, we must do it again immediately.

robinpud Sun 25-Jan-09 11:29:17

envy envy envy

I watched Border Patrol whilst I did the ironing yesterday just to hear the accents again.

Whatever you do, hope it's good.
Where's Suzywong and Ghosty and Eidsvold to share their stories of cloudless skies,barbies and eskies full of beer?

mymama Sun 25-Jan-09 12:20:58

Skies aren't cloudless here in Brisbane. Has been raining on and off all day today leaving it nice and steamy hmm

eidsvold Sat 31-Jan-09 21:33:00

we spent the weekend here where it was glorious weather. We left to come home on the Monday and I had three dds singing the national anthem and waltzing matilda in the car whilst waving their flags!

IT was raining on the way back and so I spent Australia day getting dd1 ready for school and trying to catch up on all my chores.

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