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DH been offered job in perth

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yesmynameisigglepiggle Sun 18-Jan-09 14:43:29

Very early days but Dh has been offered a job in Perth. The pay would be $70,000 (is this a decent wage there or not?) with a house (on a lease). HAve just been thrown into a panic. We have little money- they know this- but seems they really need his skills. Going to have to do some research and talking but the main thing I am worried about is the kids education and our lack of assets. It will be a 2 year contract where the firm has nominated him to be a resident. Aaaaagghhh panic panic.

PuzzleRocks Sun 18-Jan-09 18:15:44

Bumping for you.

squeaver Sun 18-Jan-09 18:19:55

I can't give you any constructive advice I'm afraid but we have friends who live in Perth and have been on holiday there three times.

All I can tell you is that it's a great city: extremely friendly, very young (in age and outlook), clean, lots of great facilities etc. Metropolitan but not too big. I understand that the Aus education system is excellent and of course your dcs will benefit from the healthy, outdoors lifestyle that Australia specialises in.

If I could choose to live anywhere in the world, Perth would be in my top 3 places.

myermay Sun 18-Jan-09 18:22:22

go for it!!!, i'd love an opportunity like that. Friends of mine went to Perth last year, job offer, visas' paid for etc - it was handed to them on a plate. She said the first 8mts were like a holiday, she gets homesick, but loves the way of life. You'd be nuts to turn it down, just look at it as an adventure,. Education is very good as far as i know.

We are looking to go, unfortunately dp does not have a job offer and we'd have to pay for it all - so not sure what to do about it all

ninedragons Thu 22-Jan-09 10:53:52

Perth is lovely but may not be the place for you if you don't like the heat.

Do you have to pay the rent or is that on top? 70k is a good salary but not a fantastic one, though obviously not having to pay rent from it would make it very decent. Would you be able to work too?

If negotiations are still open, see if your DH can get an annual flight home for the family included in his package. I know a few immigrants here who can't afford to take their families back home more than once every three or four years and they all find that very hard indeed.

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