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Anyone in or from Barcelona??

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lory Mon 12-Jan-09 06:44:30

What are the odds of a bicycle being stolen?
We are moving to Barcelona this week, and I will take with me my bicycle BUT we won’t have any garage, so it will always be parked in the street night and day. We will live in a quiet neighbourhood in Eixample. The bicycle is not an expensive one, but it has 2 baby seats, which makes it priceless for me as I can go anywhere really fast .
So what do you think? Any suggestions?
Many thanks in advance!!

itwasntme Mon 19-Jan-09 10:59:23

Hi, I live in Barcelona, and have a bike too. In all honesty bike theft is rife. I wouldn´t leave my bike in the street, especially with the seats on. I don´t rate its chances of staying intact for very long. We keep ours on our balcony, like most other people here.

Will that be possible?

Hope you enjoy Barcelona, it is a lovely place to live.

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