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Can anybody just give some advice on Australian visas?

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MilaMae Wed 07-Jan-09 14:50:40

Dp's job is on the wanted list to qualify for a working visa. There are a lot of jobs advertised for what he does but he's 45 next year which is the cut off for a working visa. We have friends willing to sponser and seem to score quite highly on the points list. We're not planning on emigrating but musing about the poss of a year over seas at some point. Are there other visas,can he just apply for a job?


ViolentHappy2009Femme Fri 09-Jan-09 01:28:28

Hi MilaMae,

The employer sponsored 457 visa may be his best bet. Here's the link...

This details all the skilled workers temporary visas that the Aus govt have. The links on the left will take you to other visas, and other potential options!

Hope this helps!


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