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NZ cream cheese - need to find British/French equivalent

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Weta Sat 27-Dec-08 18:58:17

I'm really after some kind of equivalent to NZ cream cheese that I can buy in France, but even knowing what it's called (or the brand names) in the UK might be a start

I often use mascarpone instead, but it's for a lentil cannelloni dish and I don't know how well that would go...

PuzzleRocks Sat 27-Dec-08 22:39:41


Shells Sun 28-Dec-08 01:16:50

philadelphia. surely.

shubiedoo Sun 28-Dec-08 02:42:40

You could try plain fromage blanc, I think that's similar.

Othersideofthechannel Mon 29-Dec-08 07:19:36

'St Moret' is the closest equivalent to Philadelphia that I have found in France.

I don't know what NZ cream cheese.

Othersideofthechannel Mon 29-Dec-08 07:20:05

I don't know what NZ cream cheese is

Weta Tue 30-Dec-08 20:10:04

I was asking because I mentioned cream cheese to some English people here and they looked at me blankly, so I assume it's called something else in the UK (maybe philadelphia then?). I may be able to find the UK version, whatever it's called, here, which is why I was after the name.

I think fromage blanc is a lot more liquid, but I'll try the St Moret.

Shells Tue 30-Dec-08 21:55:59

I think Brits sometimes call it soft cheese too.

slim22 Tue 06-Jan-09 04:18:13

Look for either " Kiri" or "petits carres frais gervais"
they are packed in square portions and come in a box of 6 in the dairy section. they are the best equivalent. probably the later even better as Kiri my even be too thick.

You should also find Philadelphia or "St Moret" as advised previously.
But St moret is not as dense and creamy. Sort of very fluffy but still full fat.

weta, brits know NOTHING about food grin

Weta Tue 06-Jan-09 10:25:06

Thanks! I've bought the St Moret but haven't opened it yet. Will look out for the Kiri and Gervais if it doesn't look suitable.

My last trip to the UK involved various dreadful culinary experiences , but some of my British friends are amazing cooks!

slim22 Tue 06-Jan-09 11:09:12

Well they are learning.....all those sexy chefs on TV......they'd be hopeless if they didn't wink

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