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dh should really learn the language - very funny incident here this morning...

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debinaustria Tue 28-Oct-08 13:20:42

dh's knowledge of German is minimal! I was breastfeeding , ds2 went to the door and there was a woman he didn't know so dh went, brought her in and said something about her being from Familienbeihilfe - child benefit.
So she sat down, asked all the usual questions about why we're here, how long, boys at school? etc etc...We thought she must be some sort of social worker at this stage...

then she opened up her briefcase and started talking about healthy lifetyles etc, dh went on and on about us eating healthily, doing sport, not smoking etc....

then she opened up her folder and showed us pages from a book about medicinal plants we might have in the garden... by this point I was beginning to wonder if maybe something had got lost in translation when dh had met her.....but he still continued to tell her how healthy we were , what good parents we were etc...

then she got to the page where you could buy a full set of these encyclopeadias grin grin grin, before describing the last volume about how Jesus Christ could also be of benefit to us hmm At this point I couldn't look at dh , and we continued to listen as she was a very nice woman, but sadly refused to buy the collection for 700 Euros.

We're still laughing now!

ohIdoliketobebesidethe Tue 28-Oct-08 21:21:27

Tee Hee.

Sibble Wed 29-Oct-08 02:46:27

very funny

ShePeeTeePee Wed 29-Oct-08 06:32:40

Oh, probably made her day that you took her seriously. How funny.

MaryBS Wed 29-Oct-08 06:39:12

I think the least you could have done is bought them!

That is SO SO funny!

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