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Any Aucklanders that could help me out here!

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bluestripes Mon 20-Oct-08 20:57:56

I'm coming from the UK to NZ for 2 weeks and a friend of mine is going to fly over from OZ for three days to meet me in Auckland. My DS will be 15 months and her DD will be 4 months - can anyone suggest what area of Auckland would be best for us to stay and also what baby friendly activities Auckland has to offer for a 15 month old very lively DS and a pretty laid back 4 month little girl!!

Sibble Tue 21-Oct-08 03:39:20

Somebody else may be able to help more as we live 20 mins south of Auckland and rarely venture into town with littlies. I would stay along the beaches at Mission Bay/St Heliers. Lovely beach, cafes, playgrounds, donkey rides, buses into town where you can visit the museum (4 month old a bit young but interactive childrens section for the 15 month old). Once in town you can catch the ferry to Waiheke (more cafes and beaches) or Devonport, all short hops. If the weather turns to custard you can probably bus but definitely short hop in a taxi to Lollipops at Ellerslie, an indoor childrens play area, old fashioned merry go round, soft ball play and toys for varying ages. HTH.

primigravida Tue 21-Oct-08 05:11:24

Mt Eden is another nice place to stay, central but lovely leafy suburb with excellent public transport. The central library does active movement on monday and thursday mornings which is always fun with littlies. Western Springs Park and Cornwall park have good playgrounds. Ring up Plunket for carseat rentals, playgroups etc. Butterfly creek near the airport is excellent as is the Auckland zoo which neighbours Western Springs park. Auckland has lots on offer for babies and all the trains and most of the buses are pram friendly. Let me know if you want any more specific info.

ZacharyQuack Tue 21-Oct-08 05:29:14

I'm not in Auckland, so can't help much. But you might want to take a look at baby equipment rental. They're very good, I've used the Wellington franchise to rent carseats, travel cots etc.

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