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Calling Americans in Britain - advice please

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jennifersofia Mon 20-Oct-08 19:35:22

I am American and live in the UK. My parents like to plan ahead in a big way, and are wanting to know how possible it would be for my mother to come and live with us if she ever needed to (eg. my Dad died).
They said to me that in terms of visas, there are two types - 1) person coming over has to self support to the tune of £25k/year (which my parents don't have) and 2) person coming over is penniless and is entirely supported by relatives (eg. me), which is also not possible.

Surely there is another type of visa available to people whose relatives need to come and live with them? Has anyone been in this circumstance? Does anyone know who would be a good contact to give advice about this issue?

Loads of other questions, but will stop here for now.


Nighbynight Mon 20-Oct-08 21:19:36

afaik, a dependent can get a visa, which includes dependent elderly rellies?

try teh home office website, google "home office uk government"

Nighbynight Mon 20-Oct-08 21:20:34

"dependent" doesnt have to mean penniless, surely?

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