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Poitiers, France

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msh1 Mon 20-Oct-08 13:55:30

Does anyone have any experience or recommendations of schools in the Poitiers area of France for children (with very little French at the moment) aged 12, 9 and 5? And has anyone experienced moving older children from England into French schools - any tips? Thank you!

rosbif Thu 23-Oct-08 15:11:24

Hi, my PIL live here and I know it quite well. It is a lovely area, there is a club in Civray, south of Poitiers, which has a great reputation for helping children and parents integrate and they be able to help much more with schooling issues. Here is their website address {{]] Good luck

childrenareourfuture Sat 01-Nov-08 12:48:48

Hiya, I'm a bit further away near st jean d'angely so don't know the schools in poitiers i'm afraid but do know the accents club which has also extended to jarnac. They offer saturday lessons by qualified teachers to follow the uk curriculum and help the children keep up in english which is definately the problem that you'll face rather than the french which will come naturally (particularly for the younger ones - a bit more difficult for the older one, so maybe worth getting extra help there) A friend of mine has been offered free 'home help' for the parents and children wrt school and homework - will try and find out whos offering it but think its state funded so maybe worth asking at the school. Another friend of mine moved here 9 yrs ago with a 12 yr old - she hated the first 6mths then all was well and now shes doing medecine at poitiers uni.

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