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Message for Shubiedoo!

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cally10 Fri 17-Oct-08 11:00:21

Hi Shubiedoo,

I had posted in a previous thread & wanted to ask you about sponsoring your DH but then forgot that I had done so - DOH! blush

It was very late at night when I had posted - it was on of those sleepless nights where I had had no time to myself during the day & needed to unwind.

Anyways if you're around, then I'd like to ask you a few questions please grin

shubiedoo Sun 19-Oct-08 20:40:01

Hi again Cally!
Haven't been on much, was away for the weekend, so message me again and I'll try to check back more often...

cally10 Sat 25-Oct-08 11:10:00

Hi Shubiedoo,

Sorry I haven't been able to reply to you but our computer & phone/broadband both went down at the same time!!!!!!

Anyways, I would appreciate it if you could pass on info as to what your experience of sponsoring your DH was like (in terms of how long it took, difficulty, etc.) Were you going back to Canada? Are you in Canada now?
I'd like to move back to Canada but in the short term we may have to try for the US initially due do DH's field of work (as I'm a SAHM) but ideally would like to relocate to Toronto area where my family is based.

TIA. smile

shubiedoo Tue 28-Oct-08 02:05:32

Hmm. Where to start.

Since you are already married ("family class"), your dh will get priority. I believe it is also faster to start the process from abroad, rather than in Canada.

Have you looked at the application forms online? You can download a pdf. The questions aren't that difficult, just really long and requiring a lot of detail. It actually took us longer to complete the application (about 6 months),than it took the embassy to approve it (about 3 months!)

When I say 6 months, I don't mean we were working on it all the time..! Most of the questions were about our relationship, how we met etc. I suppose to make sure we hadn't just gotten married to move to Canada! It took us awhile to remember/look up important dates, locate and copy old photos, write essay type questions, dh to do the medical, etc. It's worth doing it right, because if you forget some small thing, like put in the wrong number of photos, or don't sign it properly or whatever, they return the whole thing to you and you have to start over!

Yes, we live in Nova Scotia now, it's great!

It shouldn't matter if you're working or not, you're a citizen and the idea is you are moving back home to be with your family.

Good luck, feel free to ask me more...

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