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Teaching further education in Australia

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giggly Sun 12-Oct-08 01:56:25

Cannot remember if the FE are TAFE's? I am an old nurse who is in the process of migration and although I would get work no problem in Australia I am thinking ahead for child care cover and would probably move into lecturing if I stayed in the UK. Does anyone know the expected level of qualifications required in Australia and does this change from state to state.

chloeb2002 Mon 13-Oct-08 03:06:18

Hi there not totally sure about qualifications i guess you would need like PGCE? as well as registration with whatever nursing council you were working under? It also depends what you wantbto teach. Australia still has EN's and i think these are TAFE based courses where as all RN courses like in the UK are uni based. id try contacting a few and see what they say! grin may even get your foot in the door too. which state are you thinking of?

giggly Mon 13-Oct-08 22:39:41

chloeb2002, we are going to Brisbane but will probably end up down the coast bit towards NSW border. We have been over 4 times and done a 12 week stay last year. Have spoke to loads of contacts at Qld health and could move straight away on a sponsorship but we would rather go on a pr basis for financial reasons.

Cant decide if I should complete the course here or wait till we are there. I need to plan ahead for long term childcare as no family about to pick up the slack in holiday periods.

AussieLou Tue 14-Oct-08 09:31:22

TAFE are still in existence.
Many moons ago I used to work for them.
Each is run by the individual state governments.
I know with some courses all you need is the qualifiction and then a cert 4.
I know that southbank institute of tafe runs nursing courses. They train them to be AIN's or EN's (Assistant in nursing and Enrolled nurses). The genereal tafe websites can give you info and teaching too.
Good luck with it!

AussieLou Tue 14-Oct-08 09:34:57

Oh yeah...while I am at it
Would you go private?
There are lots of private hospitals in Brisvegas and the Gold Coast.Some are:
Mater Private
Sunnybank Private
Greenslopes Private
John Flynn
These are all on the southside of Brisbane and heading towards the GC.
Also, depening on your area or expertise there are heaps and heaps of aged care jobs going so getting work is no problem there.

chloeb2002 Tue 14-Oct-08 09:55:14

Hi giggly whats the attraction with the nsw border? what is there in the way of hospitals or courses teher and TAFES of course? Been a while since i drove down that way I guess theres stuff at Coffs Harbour other than bannanas of course grin I am just about to start with QLD health, pay is better than the NHS with good anti social hours perks.. cant complain anyhow.
We are north of brisbane and i know caboolture TAFE also does the nursing ain and en courses.
as for chidcare we have an au pair which works out well financially and practically allowing me to leave the house in a state of chaos! and not stress.
We are here sponsered at the mo but about to lodge pr. not found any major benefit financially between temp and pr and qld health will sponsor you for pr even i think.

giggly Thu 16-Oct-08 00:20:47

I am a bit blush to say it but we would really like to be near Byron Bay,I know it's poncy but there is definitely something in the air. We don't want to live there but with the new highway travel times are much shorter.

When we were over last year we spent time in Harvey Bay and I spent time visiting wards and depts in Marybourgh hospital,as we liked the area, but at the end of the day we felt that it was just not doing it for us.

We also looked at Caloundra? but again no sense of wanting to settle there. We don't want to be to far from Brisbane as we have friends there and feel that we need that security net. I am a clinical nurse specialist in addictions but have spent many years working with trauma and eating disorders, therefor in a kind of realistic way I figured that the Gold Coast hospitals would be bursting with alcohol/drug issues,

Definitely going on a permanent resident visa as I do not want to work full time and dh has MS so he cannot work full time either, also a nurse, and to my knowledge state sponsorships require you to earn over a set amount and are not to keen on giving p/t to new staff ( bloody cheek I was told at and Expo). The plan would be to visit firends in WA and have a period of time travelling and settling in before starting work which again might be a problem with SS.

Lecturing would be a way to work p/t and also allow my to continue with clinical work. Its all a bit pie in the sky at the moment as I am trying to sqeeze another lo out before next year as I would rather have it here in Scotland.

Not sure about private work Aussielou, might sell out for the right money hmm

giggly Thu 16-Oct-08 00:23:05

Oh just realized that I might offend Gold Coast folks, but I really mean the transient workers/travelers. That will be those young people form the UK then!

chloeb2002 Thu 16-Oct-08 00:49:29

Hi giggly.. funny our friends have just moved to hervey bay and now bought an investment place at marybourgh.. sorrry any one living there but i really coudnt stand it! blush cant wait for friends to return to sunny brisy! then i dont have to make the 3 hour trek.
Im not sure about your theory on substance abuse and the gold coast. Id reckon that you would need to move somewhere with a poor socio economic base... somewhere with a prison and a strong MH team? So I guess the city would have some support in place. Local to us I know caboolture has a thriving drug and alcohol problem as does redcliffe for a coastal option i gather you want beach..... sorry if you live there and dont have one! grin
as for waiting to have another lo id def advise having one here over the uk.. they are very very good at maternity care and babies here.
How will you go with DH having ms? will he get through the medical?

giggly Fri 17-Oct-08 22:45:23

Hi Chloeb2002
Should have said that being very close to the beach is v, important, although may have to settle for the beach at Southbank!

Believe me there are just is just as much substance misuse in growth areas as poor ones, sometimes more.

My dh MS should not affect points as I am the main candidate and he has pretty much no health interventions at this time.Contacts at QLD health have said that it would not affect application.
Seems that as long as you are sanehmm, and ahve no infectious diseases then thats ok. I am an old trained Scottish nurse, cant get any better trained, well that's if their are any left here and not abroad, so would definitely have lo here. I imagine that maternity pay would be crap as a new migrant, whereas here I ahve 9 months paid and 3 months unpaid leave, as well as flexible working.

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