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Melbourne Mums, who needs a babysitter for NY eve?!? (Or possibly Sydney Mums)

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livinginadreamworld Sun 12-Oct-08 01:45:10

Livinginadreamworlds NY plans have completley collapsed, my other friends have already made plans, and i find myself with New Years Eve to spare. Im sure one of you lovely ladies must need a responsible babysitter. smile

I fly to NZ from Sydney on NY day evening, so will be flying to sydney to catch that flight. If a melbourne mum requires my assistance i will fly up NY day afternoon. If a Sydney mum requires my services i will fly up on NY eve morning. IYSWIM.

Melbourne mums, i can stay over if you need me to, sydney mums, i would have to stay over! gringrin

superloopy Sun 12-Oct-08 02:57:38

Oooohh aren't you lovely!! Can't you make new plans?

We are going to a wedding in the sticks but my monster mother-in-law will be here to babysit.

Well done finding me on fb!!

livinginadreamworld Sun 12-Oct-08 03:11:44

The plans i had have been around for a while, so anyone else i would/could have spent NY with is busy now. I would much rather be doing something ie babysitting and helping someone out, than be on my own!

I know how hard it can be to find a babysitter on NY so hoping this works out for me!

ghosty Sun 12-Oct-08 03:23:44

Oooooohhhhh, AKCHERLEY ...
We may be in the market for a babysitter smile
Had a phone call from the Step Witch in Law to tell us they are going to be in Melbourne from 30th till 7th and we have to spend NY with them but the kids can't come shockhmm
I was about to ring her to say "No can do" and have a row as she had suggested her Ex SIL has 5 daughters would could babysit - and Over My Dead Body will I use babysitters by SWIL's recommendations ...
But seeing as I know you ... smile
Let me talk it over with DH and I'll email you - OK??

ghosty Sun 12-Oct-08 03:25:41

And yes to deffo staying over ... no problem bout that ...

livinginadreamworld Sun 12-Oct-08 03:32:45

excellent excellent excellent.....

how are you ghosty? and the little ghosties?

we should do ice cream/ coffee/ vodka again soon! grin

DCSsunhill Sun 12-Oct-08 07:15:40

Livinginadreamworld, are you still ok for Dec 19th? For Kylie?? I must get your e-mail addy.

I'm off to find you one Facebook....

livinginadreamworld Sun 12-Oct-08 07:20:20

definatley dcsnatch!!! grin you are in my diary!

CorpseBrideOfJohnCusack Sun 12-Oct-08 07:25:44

oh so the SWIL is finally coming to visit you then? (but of course doing it in a totally irritating way, natch)

I would like to wave at all the nice people on this thread. I am really sad not to be in Melbourne anymore and able to go out with you all!

DCSsunhill Sun 12-Oct-08 10:34:44

Hello there, Mrs John Cusak. Hope you enjoyed your stay here in sunny, sunny Melbourne. Did you buy your children loads of pressies?

DCSsunhill Sun 12-Oct-08 10:37:28

Cheers, livinginadreamworld. Got you on Facebook so I'll keep in touch. I was thinking about maybe bringing the children into the city for that night and booking an that we don't have to do the long drive home and could have a few drinkies with the DH. Is it still a go-er to be trapped in an apartment with my sproglings?
Tis only an idea though, as events like these take organising and I just can't be arrrsssed right now grin

livinginadreamworld Sun 12-Oct-08 10:40:21

It is dcsnatch, whatever/wherever is just fine!!! cant get on my facebook from home right now so dont be suprised if i dont get back to any messages straight away. Hopefully it will be sorted soon.

CorpseBrideOfJohnCusack Sun 12-Oct-08 10:45:30

my children did VERY well out of that trip i can tell you
DD keeps asking if I'm going back to Australia again to get her presents hmm

ghosty Sun 12-Oct-08 12:08:28

MrsJC - no MIL has still not deigned to visit us ... it is FIL and his surgically enhanced brassy trout faced evil alcoholic witch of a wife who are coming hmm

ghosty Sun 12-Oct-08 12:10:12

I love calling her SWIL ... I am not normally such a cow but she is just awful.

CorpseBrideOfJohnCusack Sun 12-Oct-08 22:38:22

oh OK - I was a bit confused
oooh you are going to have fun

we having inlaw shenaningans a-go-go - I do feel sorry for them but honsetly their lives are just so melodramatic - no idea what's going to comne next!

CorpseBrideOfJohnCusack Sun 12-Oct-08 23:10:36

where are you going in NZ livinginadreamworld? <nosy>

livinginadreamworld Mon 13-Oct-08 09:26:09

all over the place! doing a 3 1/2 week long tour of north adn south island with my parents.... boring as i am its nice to do things with them occastionally!

I finish in christchurch on the 21st january and dont fly home (from sydney) until the 29th. anyone have any suggestions for those 8 days???

I had contemplated flying to Brisbane and making my way down to sydney. But not sure.... may spend the xtra time in NZ somewhere. If any of you have any suggestions they would be must appreciated!!

livinginadreamworld Mon 13-Oct-08 14:00:19

okay...liadw's mum has now booked me into their NY thing. Not quite what i had planned...but there we go!

So... Ghosty i can't do NY anymore and am very sorry for offering then unoffering and i really hope you can sort something out.

CorpseBrideOfJohnCusack Tue 14-Oct-08 01:19:08

oh you're in ChCh on the 21st then? how long for? I am in ChCH so can advise and obv you can meet me to use up some time

depends where you are going in NZ. presume it's all the usual suspects like rotorua, queenstown, wellington etc.?

Marlborough Sounds/Nelson are LOVELY as are lots of other places. let me know where you going in NZ and I can suggest other things.

livinginadreamworld Tue 14-Oct-08 01:59:49

Okay MrsJC you asked..... grin

This is where we are going.....

Day 1 Auckland - Bay of Islands

Day 2,3,4 Bay of Islands (NY)

Day 5 Waitamo

Day 6 Waitamo - Rotorua

Day 7 Rotorou - Pukawa

Day 8 Pukawa - Wellingon

Day 9 Wellington

Day 10 Wellington - Upper Moutere

Day 11 Upper Moutere (We have friends here) and Abel Tasman

Day 12 Kaiteriteri - Kaikoura

Day 13 Kaikoura - Christshurch

Day 14 Christchurch - Mt Cook

Day 15 Mt Cook - Queenstown

Day 16 Queenstown

Day 17 Queenstown - Te Anau

Day 18 Te Anau - Milford - Te Anau

Day 19 Te Anau - Wanaka

Day 20 Wanaka - Fox Glacier

Day 21 Fox Glacier - Greymouth

Day 22 Greymouth to Christchurch

Day 23 Christchurch - Akaroa - Christchurch

Day 24 (21st) Parents fly on to the US, I do god knows what until i leave Sydney on 29th

ghosty Tue 14-Oct-08 02:03:19

No worries liadw ... you have actually done me a favour - I can tell FIL and SWIL that we can't make it grin
I wanted to take the kids to the fireworks in the city anyway

CorpseBrideOfJohnCusack Tue 14-Oct-08 04:19:03

that is quite some tour
i should imagine you mnight want to collapse after that lot

relaxtion - you could go to Hanmer Springs which is abouit 90 mins from ChCh and do the spas etc.

you might well be sick of NZ by then and want to push off to Brisbane. YOu could go and lie about on the GOld Coast

either way, I will eb about then when you're in ChCh if you want to mneet up to sightsee or go for a drinkk or something

kiwibella Tue 14-Oct-08 13:46:09

that is a whirlwind tour LIADW!! Maybe leave the last days open... then you can go back to any places which you would like to see more of.

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