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British food section at my local supermarket....

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superloopy Mon 06-Oct-08 06:03:12

My two local supermarkets now have a Uk food section in them.

I can now but PG tips, weetabix, marmite, colemans mustard, Alpen, Ambrosia custard just to name a few...

Also the Sweet shop nearby has a Uk section too - Yorkie Bars, curly wurlys, Maynards wine gums and Thorntons choc bars...

DH (Brit) is quite excited about this but is showing restraint as it's all a bit expensive.

Not bad considering I'm in Melbourne...

SuperBunny Mon 06-Oct-08 06:07:19


My local supermarkets have 'Irish' sections where you can buy Ribena, Rowntrees Jelly & Yorkie bars. But at $7 for a tiny bottle of Ribena and $5 for the titchy pot of marmite, all I do is go and look. Then write my mum a shopping list and get her to bring me things.

I havent had a curlywurly for years. I might have to request one. And Alpen...

WhatSheSaid Mon 06-Oct-08 06:11:30

We don't have UK sections in the supermarkets but there are 3 "English food" shops in Auckland that import loads of stuff from the UK.

I occasionally treat myself to Jaffa Cakes or Quavers but not as often as I used to.

Apparently one of their biggest sellers is (are?) Pot Noodles hmm

sandcastles Mon 06-Oct-08 06:12:20

Coles sell CWs Superbunny!

We have some cheapie food shops here that have a small selection of UK foods. I found some Bisto & a Birds trifle in one! grin

SuperBunny Mon 06-Oct-08 06:16:08

Ahhhh, Bisto!

LOL @ Pot noodles

Sandcastles, Coles isn't very helpful to me - I think England is closer. But thanks grin

I want Jaffa cakes too now.

superloopy Mon 06-Oct-08 06:18:41

I (secretly) miss bisto! blush

My DH who considers himslef a chocolate expert reckons the Aussie CW are different to the Uk ones and not as good. Hell he would know - he practises his tasting skills as often as possible.

I also found Pampers nappies at Coles too which are so much better than Huggies IMO! I got a bit silly excited about that discovery too!

eidsvold Mon 06-Oct-08 07:12:08

superbunny if you have access to Aldi - you can get jaffa cakes there and to me they taste just the same as jaffa cakes.

eidsvold Mon 06-Oct-08 07:14:14

superloopy - I made a right tit of myself in the local BigW - pampers were have a huge promotion about their nappies - ranges released in BigW - I raved about how much better they were than huggies and how I loved them when I lived in the UK etc. The woman asked me if I wanted a job grin

dh misses bisto - every time I make gravy he tells me it is not as good as bisto - am tempted to get his mother to send me a tin just to hush him up.

ghosty Mon 06-Oct-08 07:18:31

Superloopy ... you must share this on FOOC. Come to think of it, why don't you go on FOOC (to keep me company)???

superloopy Mon 06-Oct-08 07:27:29

Ghosty - I am addicted to the fooc thread but I really can't think what to write. There are so many well written posts that I feel semi-illiterate in comparison. I will over edit and come up with dull unfunny boring crap...

I'll think about it - smile

ghosty Mon 06-Oct-08 08:05:56

Aw come on Superloopy ... you know you want to ... I am getting into it and have thrown my inhibitions into the wind. I made myself bored with my own post today but hey, who cares ... grin
We will want to know all about minor B List Slebs that your DH sees wink

MrsJohnCusack Mon 06-Oct-08 08:24:39

me too Superloopy - I have nothing interesting to say on the FOOC thread. (or indeed anywhere)
but I will try. I'm sure the world needs to know about how hacked off I am that my Melbourne trip is over, and how into gardening I am getting. Middle age here I come

StillOverHere Mon 06-Oct-08 15:19:57

SuperBunny I think you are in Chicago.....there is a small town to the north west called Long Grove, it has a store called British Accents - it is a tiny store but stocks Bisto, Jaffa Cakes, loads of English chocolate, crisps and sweets as well as seasonal stuff and a multitude of tins and things you never knew you missed until you saw them! Oh and pork pies, bacon and sausages! Long Grove is quite a drive from you but it is a quaint (by US standards) place and fun for a day out - not much for the children though. Also try the back of any Costplus World Market - again a treasure trove of European food stuff! I think here on the North Shore there are so many Brits that every supermarket has a well stocked "English" shelf!

SuperBunny Mon 06-Oct-08 18:00:26

I will google, Stilloverhere, thanks. Sounds like a nice morning out (for me, probably less exciting for DS)

World Market is good for odd things - last time I was there, they had Penguins and cadbury's fingers. Yum.

Jaffa Cakes, here I come.

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