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do tampons in NZ still have pretty boxes?

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beansmum Thu 02-Oct-08 12:54:42

just wondering really, my sister is writing a list of things she wants me to send her when we move. Mainly burger rings and pineapple lumps so far.

beansmum Thu 02-Oct-08 12:57:17

and some onion soup and extra thick cream.

ahundredtimes Thu 02-Oct-08 13:04:01

You are moving to NZ and she wants you to send her things from NZ to here?

Also, what are burger rings? And actually, while we're on it what are pineapple lumps? Is that like chunks?

This list is sounding v. 1939 grin

beansmum Thu 02-Oct-08 13:11:55

yep, we're moving to NZ, sister is staying here.

burger rings are ring shaped crisps that are supposed to be burger flavoured. They don't taste like any burger I have ever had but they are yum.

pineapple lumps are chocolate coated chewy pineapple flavoured stuff, they have pineapple juice in them.

the soup and extra thick cream can be mixed together to make a dip.

When we lived ther tampons used to come in boxes with pretty patterns on them, my sister was getting all excited about them, hope they haven't changed!

whiteflame Thu 02-Oct-08 21:41:26

you can still get the pretty patterned boxes of tampons... you can also get ones at the moment where the tampons themselves are multi-coloured wink

beansmum Thu 02-Oct-08 22:02:01


beansmum Tue 07-Oct-08 21:31:15

I have some more questions.
Can you still get...
k bars
proper nutri grain

and how is ezibuy doing?

kiwibella Thu 09-Oct-08 13:43:03

bean - you can buy all of these products in the UK. There are enough of us antipodeans here to provide a market grin. There is kiwifruits and the NZ shop. Both do deliveries... which is undoubtedly still cheaper than posting from NZ.

I have kept a couple of tampon boxes from my last trip home. They are pretty.

whiteflame Thu 09-Oct-08 23:05:21

You can still get raro, and I have seen nutrigrain around (unsure if it's changed though, don't eat it! it comes in a brown box if that helps..) and not sure what K bars are (so maybe not). Ezibuy is still around, and there is an online version as well now here.

Just saw your other thread on stuff that people miss from the UK too. Well, there are UK shops in my area, but they are quite expensive (about $6 for a pot noodle!). I miss pot noodles! The noodles here just aren't the same, they are kind of watery, although they're slowly getting better! I miss Morrisons jam doughnuts as well. Not much else though to be honest, such a lot of good stuff here as well. Oh, and I have never got used to having Christmas in summer, it just sort of sneaks up on you and before you know it, Christmas Day has been and gone!

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