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Milton and fruit?

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4gotoindia Sun 28-Sep-08 06:41:14

I have a vague memory of ? years ago in the depths of Ethiopia - soaking tomatoes in Milton solution? I am desperate to eat some grapes ? but they are so covered in flies that I haven?t let them near our house. My kids have spotted them, so can anyone tell me if Milton will do the trick? If so, what solution should I make up, and how long do I need to soak them. Also, I have the tablets not the solution ?have no idea how much water they should be mixed with? (I took them out of the box to save on packing space?!)
ps - and if anyone knows about excema... I've just posted a query on allergies.

priceyp Sun 28-Sep-08 07:18:54

Make up the solution 5 litres of water to one tablet, that's for sterilising bottles etc. The liquid one says 2.5 mls to 5 litres so fruit etc will be safe to eat after soaking. Leave it to soak for 15 mins. So 1/2 a tab to 5 litres of water should be fine for your fruit!


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