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temporarily relocating from uk to Paris area...Yay or nay?

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dilbertina Tue 23-Sep-08 22:26:48

ok, so we have dd nearly 5(just started reception) & ds 2yo. DH has been offered new role based in Paris (prob. for 2 years).

Should we go for it? What do I need to think about? DH speaks French v.well. I have exceedingly rusty o-level french....

Any thoughts much appreciated!

MrsSprat Tue 23-Sep-08 22:36:06

It's trickier when you've got schools to consider.

One of the main things is: Will your DHs company assist with relocation/ cover some expenses? This makes things a lot easier.

Do you work, or have plans to re-start over next 2 years?

My sense is that most overseas experience represents a brilliant opportunity. Good that it's not necessarily forever.

dilbertina Tue 23-Sep-08 22:47:18

I currently work 3 days/week, but am also slightly preg with no.3 so that would prob. change anyway (whatever happens will have baby in uk - we would negotiate not to go til after). I'm very comfortable with idea of being SAHM for a little while at least...! His company will help with some relocation expenses. Will not be much salary increase, but will most likely be very good move career-wise.

I am probably most concerned about dd who has just started school. Would be lot of changes....and am worried that my French will be too crap to do the best things for her. On the other hand, i do think it potentially be a great opportunity for her...

rosbif Wed 24-Sep-08 11:32:20

Go for it - there are lots of Anglo orientated support networks in Paris and I am sure dd would be fine at school, you may even be able to find an international school if you wanted her to continue on the UK curriculum. There are also English speakign hosiptals in Paris if you did want to give birth over here, such as the American hospital (pricey but fab) or the Franco-Brittanique which is public.

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