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Aussie mums - any decent online clothes shops?

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ViolentFemme Sat 20-Sep-08 08:27:57

I'm thinking of something along the lines of Next Directory.

Do such sites/catalogues exist over here or do I need to humph ds down to Eastgardens whenever we need clothes?

It's just too sunny to be in a shopping centre...

ViolentFemme Sat 20-Sep-08 08:29:08

OK I'm on the wine already and clicked the button twice blush

brightongirldownunder Sat 20-Sep-08 14:44:26

Hey VF me on wine also. I'm back where the sun does shine after 6 weeks in grey England. Have to say I bought bulk load of H & M, topshop etc when back in blighty but am planning to visit city to shop next week with sister and will get back to you on online-ability.
How you doin'?

ViolentFemme Sun 21-Sep-08 09:37:38

Cheers BGDU. I was thinking about you the other day, wondering if you were back yet. Apparently the UK has suffered its worth summer in a long long time. Welcome back!

Need to get another meet up organised (but that's a whole different thread).

Please help me shop from my laptop!

brightongirldownunder Sun 21-Sep-08 11:30:18

Have you tried aussie Grazia? They normally have websites for all clothes in the magazine.

yes def up for meetup. Time to start new thread methinks..or is there one already?

ViolentFemme Sun 21-Sep-08 12:53:39

No it's been all about the Melbourne girls recently. Time for another Sydney get-together methinks.

Aussie Grazia is out tomorrow so I shall invest in a copy (nothing to do with Sienna Miller's meltdown oh no...)

brightongirldownunder Sun 21-Sep-08 22:42:09

Yeh, those Melbourne girls...stealing our spotlight....

I start a thread asap. Have fab sister over at the moment who is always up for a good time.

sunnydelight Mon 22-Sep-08 01:01:21

Well I did try to generate some interest in another meet up but nobody replied (mind you I haven't shown up to the last two so I can't really moan too much blush)

Re. shopping, Boden delivers to Oz you know grin

Did you sort your tenants brightongirl?

ninedragons Mon 22-Sep-08 03:17:58

Hooray! BG you're back online!

Just quickly, as DD is fretting, but if you want to take a real punt, there is a factory outlet on the next block from me that does Oshkosh and the occasional piece of Next, Oilily, Chico etc baby clothing incredibly cheaply ($2-3 for a t-shirt, four Oshkosh babygros for about $12-15). As we're about to go into winter, they're clearing out all their summer stuff now.

DD hates being stuck at home and makes me walk around aimlessly all day so I am always delighted to have a shopping mission. One of my friends was talking about getting a personal trainer the other day and I thought hey, you want someone to drag you out of bed at 6am and make you go on a seven-mile walk? Borrow my baby!

If you want to give me a budget and a rough idea of what you need, I can get you a bundle of random clothing and either put it in my shipping crate (arriving January) or post it to you.

Same offer applies to you, BG, but the pickings are a lot slimmer for children over 2.

ninedragons Mon 22-Sep-08 03:21:54

And of course the offer is open to you too, SD; I just couldn't remember if you had a baby.

sunhappy Mon 22-Sep-08 03:45:27

Top shop deliver to oz for £10 postage, last time they only charged me £7.50 postage.

I so wish next and river island would do the same. Mothercare charge at least £30 delivery to oz then i goes on weight after that!!

ViolentFemme Mon 22-Sep-08 03:56:44

You know I hadn't even considered UK stores as I thought tpost would be prohibitive but I could cope with 10 quid. Hooray for Topshop!

Thanks for offer 9D that would be great. I'm at work at mo so will CAT you later with details.

And SunnyD sorry for missing your meetup thread blush. Now that spring has sprung it's time to go drinking outdoors. Let's get to it!

brightongirldownunder Mon 22-Sep-08 14:53:55

SunnyD - sorry I missed your thread. Lets get going....ND when you back in Oz?
I've already had a delivery of MiniBoden and Topshop here - very exciting!

Sunny - finally got the tenants out - but only 2 days before i was due to leave. They were squatting by that time, but the guy from the insurance company had some evidence against them that he was going to report to the Fraud Squad and funnily enough they disappeared. Their last hurrah though was to tell their removal man that they were the owners of our house and to send his invoice to us.....can you believe it?!!! My lovely house had 2 rooms painted badly in shitty brown and a very badly laid cheap laminate floor where there once was a lovely wool carpet. They didn't bother to clean anywhere and took down the shower rail and curtain - we found the curtain downstairs covered in paint. What a lovely couple eh?
Now have new people in who actually pay and I can finally sign off the stress this has caused (fingers crossed)

However, I digress - VF, def. shop online at topshop! Promise to keep you updated on Aussie stores...

sunnydelight Tue 23-Sep-08 02:53:30

What a palaver brightongirl! We finally sold the Brighton flat we were renting out as we got so fed up with muppet tenants. Had to evict the one who worked from home and never washed (inspections were a joy), and got fed up with arguing at 8am on a Sunday morning that we weren't responsible for changing lightbulbs, so no we weren't coming round!

Thanks for the shopping offer ninedragons, but as my youngest is 5 I am very happy to say that I am well past the baby stage grin

So, where are we drinking?

ViolentFemme Tue 23-Sep-08 06:33:57

sydneysiders meet up

gaml Sat 27-Sep-08 21:23:58

hi I love pumpkin patch,bright colours and hard wearing,love the sales......

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