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where in America?

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mimiss Mon 15-Sep-08 05:10:12

hello everyone, I am a new member...
I am belgian, my husband is english and we are living in Dubai since 2 years.
We are thinking to move in America next year for my husband company.
He is working from home so we can be anywhere but I have 3 children and I am looking to a place with good schools in a safe environment.My preference will be on the east coast so I am not to far from europe.
Could somebody help me to find an area who could suit our family?
PS I am an expat so I would prefer to be in a place where I could find other people like me....(not in the middle of nowhere....)
Thank you for your help!

SuperBunny Mon 15-Sep-08 05:19:09

What makes you want to move to the US?

Any of the big cities have lots of expats and many of the smaller ones too. The East Coast is convenient for Europe but consider how far you want to be from an airport.

I lived in Connecticut and the nearest airports with direct flights to Europe were a 2 - 3 hr drive. So, although the flight was only 6 or 7 hrs, the travel time when you landed was long.

There are lots of expats in America on this thread Come and join us!

I'm in Chicago btw. Lots of Europeans here.

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