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ok im grumpy someone make me feel a bit better?

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chloeb2002 Fri 12-Sep-08 07:46:46

Im trying to go back to work.. againast all the odds and there seem to be plenty the first hurdle is getting a job.. australia needs nurses .. if one more person says that i may have to shoot them... I know ive not been looking long but my two first choice places to work appear to have been had jobs with a closing date of last friday and not a peep. not even a thanks but no thanks and the other was just me asking if they needed anyone and i got a when is your rego complete and have you worked in aus... hint no rego.. i think one mention of having had a bub put that out the window... rrraaahhhhhhh. i have applied for another 3 today so will see hey ho. wouldnt mind but need a job to not be a dependant on the mortgage so we can buy a house we want.... just feeling very very very grumpy.. need wine maybe that will help

lulalullabye Sun 14-Sep-08 09:02:21

Hi, don't tell me that ! Anyhow, we are moving to Melbourne in Jan, I have just applied for two jobs and got two telephone interviews this week. Maybe the job situation in Melbourne is better.

What type of nursing do you do ? Also have you ever been registered in Australia ? I am just in the process of getting everything sorted and it is not easy.

chloeb2002 Sun 14-Sep-08 22:39:07

hi, just completed my rego here will be done next week. they seem desperate for nurses yet one mention of baby and the line went dead so to speak. I know i can go back to where i worked in the city last year but ts a long commuteso really dont want to. have applied for another two jobs, so will just keep applying. may end up granny farming but its money... and a start! jujst not my idea. i know its pretty bleak in the uk so i shouldnt grumble at least there are lots of jobs here.... they just dont seem to bother gto reply to applications.... rraaahhhhhhh
Oh im an adult nurse, part of my problem is that i qualified just before we moved and couldnt register here till my had a graduation certificate. which wasnt released till may,even tho ive been registered with the NMC since october.
very grumpy...maybe this week will be better?

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