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What do you listen to on iPlayer? Or what do you miss?

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SuperBunny Thu 11-Sep-08 03:10:05

For some reason, I can now listen to iPlayer and have rediscovered the Shipping Forecast. It's wonderful.

And the Archers too <old fogey>

What else should I be listening to?

Walkthedinosaur Thu 11-Sep-08 06:13:22

Am just going to check if I can get Iplayer now, how fab would it be if they let me have it abroad. Normally they tell me to get lost.

Walkthedinosaur Thu 11-Sep-08 06:15:05

Nah, still can't have it. Hopes raised for a minute there.

SuperBunny Thu 11-Sep-08 06:19:07

Sorry. Usually I can't listen to it either but it allowed me today. Hope it wasn't a fluke.

Califrau Thu 11-Sep-08 06:32:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cies Thu 11-Sep-08 07:23:06

I can liten to the radio parts of iplayer, but when I try to get a TV programme it says not possible for IP addresses outside UK.

Have to say it doesn´t bother me much. I´m so out of touch with what´s on on TV in UK anyway, and when I´m back there I so rarely watch anything, that I don´t miss it.

MrsMills Thu 11-Sep-08 08:21:34

according to the bbc website they are working on a fix to allow overseas viewers to watch iplayer, at the moment we can just get the radio programmes. As if I don't spend enough time on this computer.

SuperBunny Thu 11-Sep-08 14:51:26

Yes, I used to be able to listen to iPLayer. And then it got stopped. But it is working again.

It means, I can now hear the Proms smile

Will be even better when we can watch stuff too.

Califrau Thu 11-Sep-08 16:45:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chloeb2002 Mon 15-Sep-08 06:48:08

TERRY THE TOG WOGAN.....Just makes my day worth while so good that when we move house i plan to have a computer in the rumpus/ kitchen just so i can sit on the veranda (SP) and chuckle till i can chuckle no more....

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