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Any reccommendations on shipping companies from UK to NZ??

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Kaybeeand2boys Tue 09-Sep-08 21:12:43

We are moving to NZ in Nov, and have 3 quotes so far from Crown, Robinsons and Anglo Pacific.
Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with this lot?

beansmum Tue 09-Sep-08 21:18:44

(say nice things about anglo pacific please, that's who I have chosen to ship my stuff in jan!)

Kaybeeand2boys Tue 09-Sep-08 21:20:24

he he he fingers crossed for you!
where in nz are you moving to beansmum?

phdlife Tue 09-Sep-08 21:23:20

hi, I'm moving to Oz soon - we had quotes from Allied Pickfords, Fox, and Masons.

It turns out we will save about £300 by packing ourselves and sending with a freight company, rather than removalists.

Worth a thought.

Sibble Wed 10-Sep-08 02:53:44

We used anglo pacific albeit 6 years ago. The only problem I had with them was that the packers broke a quite expensive lightfitting. The packer called to report it from my house. I asked whether to log the claim and was told to wait until the other end to make sure there was nothing else to claim for which I did. When I tried to submit the claim from NZ I was told I had to produce the broken item!!!! The email debate as to why the heck I would have taken a broken light fitting to the other side of the world went on for months - the glass chards in my rug weren't good enough wink. In the end I gave up. I would use them again as everything else went smoothly but would either submit a claim for breakages there and then or get something in writing to guarantee they will pay at the other end.

twentypence Wed 10-Sep-08 03:56:26

Anglo pacific did not insure my stuff with the company that was on the policy agreement - they used some cheap ass alternative who were not registered with the ombudsman. Get it in writing that you are insured with XXX company NOW.

They also gave me someone elses box despite us having paid for an exclusive container, and our sofa cushion ended up in Brisbane for months.

The piano got chipped, the car had to have a new roof. They charged for steam cleaning and the man from the AA said the engine had not been touched.

They blamed everything on NZ Van Lines.

It was 9 years ago (today) so I hope they have improved.

LittleMissTickles Wed 10-Sep-08 04:04:22

I'm not sure if they 'do' Oz, but we have moved a few times with Graebel, cannot recommend them enough. Not a single loss or breakage EVER!

choklit Wed 10-Sep-08 05:46:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alexa808 Thu 11-Sep-08 14:08:38

DH and I moved from UK to Singapore and used Crown.

Only 1 glass and 1 tatty IKEA shoe board were broken. Apart from that they packed well enough but make sure you & your DH watch over them like hawks!! Two pairs of my beautiful leather boots had the shaft wound around the heels and some of the leather is badly scratched now. They weren't exactly worth £30,- IYKWIM.

It took them 5 weeks to get the stuff out here and customs was cleared very quickly (2 days).

Then, on the day we expected them they were bang on time, we witnessed opening of the container...then the chaos was unleashed. All 12 men kept dragging in pieces of furniture, numbered boxes and small items in a neverending stream. DH ticked off each box number while I directed them where to put stuff. Within 4 hours the empty 'nursery' was filled up with boxes while in the kitchen a lady and our maid struggled to make sense of where to put what.

DH and I had wished they could have allowed us 2 minutes per box to determine where what should go. But they didn't, they just kept bringing in more until the container was empty. Some boxes were unwrapped by them but most of the stuff in the nursery was there until a month later (1 week ago) which left me at 35 weeks pregnant to carry bits and bops. Now I feel like my fanjo is about to fall out angry

The handiman service was offered to us, we agreed and the guys came 2 days later, only to leave again after 4h despite the previously agreed 6. Some pictures and ornaments are not up yet and the guy (even though he was very good) made us the sneaky offer to come back in 'his own time'...and get paid in cash under the hand IYSWIM. This service was supposed to be free. hmm

We're still waiting for Crown contractors to come in and polish the floor and repair the marble where they scratched and plonked stuff down. Also, and more worryingly I may add: 2 boxes have 'disappeared'...we are still trying to track them. It's frustrating. The girls who take care of clients here are nice, but at the end of the day: our belongings don't get repaired just because they're being pleasant. I'd rather have them spring to action than ask me how I'm doing today.

The long and short of it is: moving is shite. Moving companies are generally a bit careless, I mean, it's not their stuff they're moving.

Kaybeeand2boys Fri 12-Sep-08 20:05:43

Thanks everyone, I just know it's going to be a complete nightmare!
How do you cope without your stuff for so long .......??

twentypence Sat 13-Sep-08 21:14:16

But when it arrives and you unpack each item - it's lovely. i wouldn't let anyone help!

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