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Anyone living in Auckland?

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2toddlersandme Tue 02-Sep-08 11:57:09

Have been asked to apply for a job in Auckland and wondered if anyone out there has any experience of the positives and negatives. I've got 2 year old twins so my main concern is being so far away from my family. We've already agreed that if I did go for it we would make plans to come back to the UK again in a few years as we don't want a 'forever' move.

Thanks in advance smile

Sibble Tue 02-Sep-08 19:38:32

Hi, I moved here 6 years ago. There are also one of two others here in Auckland, more in NZ generally who may be able to help. I can only tell you my brief:

negatives (get them out of the way first [grin)
It is a long way from home and family/friends/support - I found it extremely hard when we first arrived as we are a close knit family.
The time difference is a pain when life events happen - good and bad as you can't just pick up the phone.
I found it very hard to settle, it took me 2 years to feel comfortable and 4 before it felt like home (I may be a slow integrator grin)
Kiwis may speak 'English' but the culture is very different and does take some getting used to.
I have found the work ethic and culture to be very different as well.
People are very friendly on the surface but it's hard to make good friends, in my experience there are two very distinct different groups of kiwis those who travel and those who have never left their home town, there being alot of the latter. Hence people have old friends usually with children of the same age and it's hard to break into those networks (this could obviously apply to if you moved to a different part of the UK as well of course!)
Politics, infrastructure, the economy, housing, law enforcement, crime etc etc all problems here as anywhere.

6 years down the line I've just returned from a trip home and there is no way (at the moment) I would move back to the UK. This is now my home.
It's a fantastic environment to bring up children.
We can survive here on dh's salary - I am not working at the moment - in the UK we would definately need 2 salaries to get by.
DH has found with his oversees experience his career prospects are far greater than if he'd stayed in the UK (he's been promoted far quicker than if he'd stayed).
We have a lifestyle here that we could only dream of at home.
I've found child care to be far better here but that could just be my experience.

I could go on but if there are any specifics you want to know fire away. In short I would advise anybody to give it a go and give it at least 2 years, you can always go home.

2toddlersandme Fri 05-Sep-08 13:50:09

Hi Sibble,

Many thanks for replying and apologies for ignoring you. I'm at a conference at the moment and have v little opportunity for (non work related) interneting!

Thanks for all your advice. Will think of specific questions to ask when I get back if that's OK, but good to hear you are enjoying it (and you think it's better financially - I keep hearing the opposite from expat message boards which got me a bit worried).

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