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Ladies in Nairobi

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Meowmix Sun 31-Aug-08 14:28:57

Hi there

Sorry not to CAT you but I can't seem to work that out (luddite).

I've been offered a fabulous job in Nairobi. It would mean a fair amount of travel to places such as Tanzania, Uganda, Congo and Rwanda but hubbed out of Nairobi. The job is perfect for me, great package etc etc.

However everything I'm reading on Nairobi says its very dangerous, has power cuts all the time etc etc.

Can you give me a realistic take on this? How dangerous is Nairobi to live in? What is the lifestyle like in reality? I'm coming from one of the crappier Gulf states so not completely novice at the expat thing but have never set foot in real Africa.

Appreciate any insights you can give me.


Meowmix Tue 02-Sep-08 07:44:17

plaintive bump?

Themasterandmargaritas Tue 07-Oct-08 16:53:22

Meowmix, I'm sorry I have only just seen this, I am in Nairobi and having a ball.

No bad power cuts, certainly I have had worse in Cameroon, Tz, Ethiopia! The traffic is the worst part. Security is really not as bad as everyone says, if you take the usual precautions.

The lifestyle is fantastic as the climate is perfect, sunny but not too hot, no humidity, some rain and what I really love, is the fact there are seasons, so you get to wear warm weather clothes and have a fire! smile

Feel free to email me stephensonkuk at yahoo dot co dot uk

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