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I'm panicking again, but this time I have a good reason.

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beansmum Wed 27-Aug-08 16:14:11

I have slightly miscalculated my 2009 budget for my move to NZ. So I will be living on $60 per week, after rent, power and childcare have been paid. I thought it was going to be tight but is it even possible? I don't need petrol, and will probably not need buses (if I find a flat in the right area) so that has to cover food, school costs (when ds starts in june) and emergencies. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhh.

Tell me how bad this is? No don't actually, I don't want to know. What am I going to doooooooooooooooooo!?

takingitasitcomes Thu 28-Aug-08 13:59:38

hmm I'm a kiwi about to move back to NZ from the UK. It all depends on which city you're moving to... but I think you might be in a bit of a bind if this has to cover food & everything else. DH and I used to live pretty frugally when we were last there - but even we spent $80 on food a week and that was 5 years ago. We're moving home with a LO now too, and after speaking to my Mum (still in NZ) we've put our food budget at $130 a week, and we're still not planning on living the high life! However, if it's just you and a LO that you have to feed you CAN probably do it as long as you get canny about where to shop and never eat out. Sorry to not sound more positive

Good luck! TIAIC

beansmum Thu 28-Aug-08 17:24:51

It took me about an hour to work out what TIAIC stands for!

Realistically, $60 a week isn't going to be enough is it? So how much would be enough? $100? $80 on food for 2 (I can do it for $50 on woolworths online shopping, but only if I was already socked up with the basics already) and $20 left for other random costs, clothes, books etc.

I am ridiculously careful with money usually, after all my bills I only spend about £40-£50pw and recently it has been less. I have been trying to save as much as possible for the move but it'll probably all go on shipping stuff over and living for the first 6 weeks until I get my student allowance.

If I only needed an extra $40pw for the 5 years of my degree I could probably borrow/take it from ds's savings, or borrow it from my parents. They don't want to lend me anything for the first year though, not until they see if I can manage the uni stuff (they don't think I can, the big poos). What is $40 anyway? £15?

Sibble Thu 28-Aug-08 19:11:44

I don't mean to be negative but $60 would be hard. Don't try converting back into sterling though, as soon as you arrive live in the NZ dollar otherwise your budget won't work. As an example a loaf of bread is approx $3-4 depending on shop (wholegrain), mince yesterday cost $7 (enough for 4 plus a bit over), a whole chicken would cost $13...have a look online at countdown, foodtown, woolworths - pak n save is cheapest imo but doesn't have online shopping to check the prices. Farmers markets are fun and cheap if you have one nearby. Good luck.

beansmum Thu 28-Aug-08 19:28:39

I have done my budget in dollars, and I think it's pretty accurate, I had just miscalculated my childcare costs by a few thousand dollars, whoops. I wanted to work out how much $40 was so I can work out how much I need to find from somewhere, so if $40 is about £15 I need an extra £3900 to cover me until I graduate. I'll try and find another way, but as a last resort I can borrow some from ds, he has tons.

beansmum Thu 28-Aug-08 19:40:00

Actually, would someone be able to check this for me? Is there anything obvious missing?

before I leave

shipping stuff
tickets and passports already done

first 6-8 weeks

travel incl. flight to Christchurch from Auckland
deposit, letting fees, 1st months rent
stuff for flat - eg mattresses, table, kettle
a couple of days out in Auckland and Christchurch

after that

uni fees
phone bills and reconnection
school - uniform, donations etc

takingitasitcomes Thu 28-Aug-08 21:05:06

Looks pretty comprehensive - $40 is roughly £15-16 at the moment. Agree with Sibble that Pak 'n Save is the cheapest supermarket option there. I'd think it is possible to feed two on $80 if you're willing to do home baking etc.

Best of luck with the move... I hope it goes well with you both.

TIAIC (sorry about the time you spent on my name!)

beansmum Thu 28-Aug-08 21:56:50

Thanks! I was pretty sure I hadn't forgotten anything, but it helps to have someone else check too.

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