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Anyone in Adelaide!!

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Hethbell Tue 26-Aug-08 01:50:16

New to the site and am living in Adelaide. Been here for 2 months now and just wanted to hook up with other mothers here. Have got 2 children 5 and 8.Site was recommended by a friend in the UK.

ninedragons Tue 26-Aug-08 02:12:40

Claudiaschiffer is there but I haven't seen her around in about a week.

Keep an eye out on the various Australian threads and sooner or later your paths will cross.

claudiaschiffer Tue 26-Aug-08 02:30:27

Hellooooooooooooo and welcome Hethbell, how's it going?

I'm here and so is Sandcastles.

Where are you living? We are up in the Adelaide Hills, about 20mins drive from the CBD. We would love to meet up. I have been here for just over 2 years so would be delighted to --bore you rigid-- share my experiences. I have 2 kids too btw, a bit younger than yours, 3 and 1.

Hethbell Tue 26-Aug-08 02:43:08

Hi claudischiffer I am in Coromandel Valley so near you I suppose, sorry still getting to know the areas. I am in the throws of buying a car so a bit isolated when my OH takes the car to work.Hopefully should be the proud owner of a second hand car by the end of the

claudiaschiffer Tue 26-Aug-08 02:54:34

Yay, that's not far from us at all. We are in Stirling - so would just have to come through Blackwood and over the hill.

Do you want to meet next week? We are pretty much around and about most of the time.

Hethbell Tue 26-Aug-08 06:24:28

Hi that would be good we are about 5minutes drive from Blackwood, not working at the moment but interviews set up. Would love to meet up but will need to wait till i am mobile unless you want to do it in the evening when my hubby is about to babysit.

claudiaschiffer Tue 26-Aug-08 06:52:07

Whatever works best for you Hethbell. We can come over to Coramandel Valley if you can face being around 2 small children - if weather warms up we could meet at a park? Are your children in school?

Btw I look nothing like Claudia Schiffer grin.

Hethbell Wed 27-Aug-08 01:16:35

Both Kids in school, Yeh!! youngest one started reception at christmas. The older one is in year 2. Going to look at a car tonight which if okay will buy. You can come here if you want to. Can you send private messages?? and i can give you my address and mobile number. Don't mind having kids here can't been any worse than mine.

claudiaschiffer Wed 27-Aug-08 06:58:42

Message withdrawn

Hethbell Wed 27-Aug-08 07:48:59

I'll email you directly!

sandcastles Tue 02-Sep-08 08:30:07

I'm here too...somewhere!

Hethbell Sat 06-Sep-08 01:07:09

Sandcastles - Where are you!! Or is it top secret?grin

sandcastles Mon 08-Sep-08 03:26:24

Hey...nope, no secrets here!

I am in Morphett Vale.

worzelgummidge Wed 29-Oct-08 03:28:30

Hey girls!
I am here too. I'm ALL the way up North in Gawler wink.
I'd love to meet up with you if you are getting together again soon.
I have a very good friend who is in Strath, claudiaschiffer. I LOVE the hills! smile

ClaudiaSchiffer Wed 29-Oct-08 03:35:12

Hey Worzel

How long have you been out here? And why in Gawler?

We should have an Adelaide meet up . . . Sandcastles, Hethbell what do you think? Christmas Drinks?

worzelgummidge Wed 29-Oct-08 04:16:23

We have been here for almost 3 years.
Gawler is lovely. Why not Gawler?? grin
Christmas drinks sounds fab!!

ClaudiaSchiffer Wed 29-Oct-08 04:28:16

No reason why not Gawler, it's just quite an odd place to choose I suppose. Mind you I'm sure it's lovely . . . I've only ever driven through it. Do you have family here? Are you Brits?

worzelgummidge Wed 29-Oct-08 05:01:06

LOL @ it being odd.
We are Brits. We're from Staffordshire in the Midlands originally.
We don't have family here. Wish we did! For babysitting duties if nothing else wink

How about you?

sandcastles Wed 29-Oct-08 06:04:20

Christmas drinks sounds great!

ClaudiaSchiffer Wed 29-Oct-08 06:59:06

Splendid, I wonder if Hethbell is around?

How about November sometime? I am away 24th to 29th but around beforehand. My folks are coming for a visit, Hurah Hurrah Hurrah, so we are having a little holiday. They will be here until mid-Dec but we are off to Robe on the 6th for a week.

Soooo early November? Does that suit anyone?

worzelgummidge Wed 29-Oct-08 07:24:28

Suits me I reckon. I will have my baby with me, but he is still too little to be any trouble. wink

worzelgummidge Wed 29-Oct-08 07:25:50

Have you been to Robe before claudia? It is supposed to be beautiful. My parents have not long been and gone. It's great to see them isn't it?

ClaudiaSchiffer Wed 29-Oct-08 07:36:01

Ahh, a baby lovely. How old is he/she? Would a lunch be better for you?

Yes I have been to Robe. It is lovely, I can highly recommend it. It's a bit of a treck 3.5 hrs from us here but it's very cute little place. This time I want to go down to the Coonawarra and do a bit of tasting. Yum.

worzelgummidge Wed 29-Oct-08 08:16:14

Yum indeed! We might check Robe out next year.

He is 12 weeks, so particularly lovely. grin Lunch would be good, but I can do an evening if we go for something to eat maybe. He lives in his sling, so am unlikely to hear a peep.
The casino and a club might be out though.sad

This time at least....wink

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