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Anyone in Hong Kong??

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rocklobster Sun 24-Aug-08 08:08:18

Hello there, have had a bit of a look through these threads and can't see anyone in Hong Kong yet. We just moved here a couple of months ago, just wondered if there were any other mumsnetters here to chat to? If you're out there let me know!

marz Thu 28-Aug-08 18:05:42

no...not in HK....but was....and came back when I was pregnant 6 yrs ago.
How are you enjoying HK so far? Are you living on HK island?

rocklobster Fri 29-Aug-08 01:37:37

Bit stressful at first but starting to enjoy it now..we just hired our helper We are in Discovery Bay not HK island. Do you miss HK? How long were you here?

ninedragons Fri 29-Aug-08 04:58:16

Another ex-HKer here (as you can probably tell from the name).

I was there for about seven years. Loved it, but DH's work took us to Shanghai.

We were in Sai Kung, which I just adored.

The vast majority of our friends still live there. DH may have to go to HK in the next fortnight and I am itching to go with him and show off DD (born in Shanghai).

tilbatilba Fri 29-Aug-08 07:50:46

ex HKGer too. We were in Sai Kung and DB. Loved both places. DB magic for chn. Now in Oz but go reg to HKG

ninedragons Fri 29-Aug-08 08:03:02

Which village, tilbatilba? Sai Kung being the tiny little place it is, of course I am now wondering if I know you.

marz Fri 29-Aug-08 20:45:41

yes I do miss HK... would love to go back. I think the grass is always greener for me though!We were living in Disco Bay too....Greenland...I think it was. I was there for a year but spent many summers there as a child. I am a BBC but hubby is english and was working there for 4 yrs.
WE were back there 2 Xmas's ago with the two little ones, spent 3 weeks shopping, eating and doing Disney!
Have you been to Disney yet....?

rocklobster Sat 30-Aug-08 02:37:21

Not ben to Disney yet, we can see it from our apartment though and watch the fireworks every night. Our DD is a bit young yet, will definitely go when she's a bit older. The other place I really want to go to is Ocean Park for the pandas, but waiting for weather to cool down a bit, would MELT if went now. Still acclimatising, came here from Wales all pasty and pale, still a shock to find its hotter outside than inside!
Disco Bay great for kiddies, we're in Siena so just down the road from the Greens.
Sai Kung we thought might be a bit far out to live, but prob not really.

ninedragons Sat 30-Aug-08 04:01:45

The Sai Kung commute is a grind, that's for sure. I used to work in Exchange Square and it would take me nearly an hour and a half door to door.

Wish I'd had the money together during SARS to buy in Silverstrand! That would have been the ideal compromise between sea views and a reasonable commute.

marz Sat 30-Aug-08 19:51:36

The funny thing about these places though is that you go ...and see loads of adults there without any kiddies!
Gosh...that was a big change from Wales to HK! I think DB is a great place for children in terms of safety and children being able to roam around.
Have you made any friends? I think there are quite a few mum and baby groups you can get involved in?
So...shall of the rest of us not in HK club together to buy a holiday appt??!!

rocklobster Sun 31-Aug-08 01:17:43

Yes made a few friends, it's really easy to do that here, mum's and children seem to have arrived in huge numbers over the last few weeks in time for the school year start, so quite a few of us have got together for playgroups and the odd girls night out (hooray!)

taipo Mon 01-Sep-08 14:21:51

Another ex HKer here. We were there from 1998 to 2003 and lived in Shatin and Tai Po (hence the name!). We had a fab apartment overlooking Tolo Harbour and next to a lovely nature reserve. I loved it there and hope to go back for a visit someday.

rocklobster Tue 02-Sep-08 05:09:15

The good thing is that all of you who left seem to have really liked it here. I can see us being here for a while too, the only thing I'm a bit worried about is getting a school place even though that's 5 years away! After 3 months here now, I don't miss the car at all, we have loads of money left over at the end of the month which never happened in the UK, and we have a lovely helper who does all the housework. Why would I ever want to leave!

ninedragons Tue 02-Sep-08 05:22:52

Yep, the thing I would say is true of Hong Kong is that you'll either be there for one year or twenty.

It's a great place to raise children - clean, safe, low taxes, cheap domestic help. The only problem that everyone whinges about is the air quality (obviously). Life is almost a bit too easy and you'll find it a bit of a culture shock to go back to the UK - several of my friends have been mugged when they have returned to London on holiday because everyone gets so complacent and naive in zero-crime HK! They were wandering down deserted streets with their iPods on and using cashpoints at 2am and all the things locals don't do.

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