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aussieinde Thu 14-Aug-08 10:53:25

Thanks to everyone who gave us recommended Pediatrians here in Singapore. We arrived on Tuesday and are starting to get our bearings.

Our container won't be arriving for a good couple of weeks yet and both the children have suddenly grown! New clothes needed! Can anyone tell us where to go? We are staying on Beach Road right now.

And also... What sort of diapers do people use here? We bought Pampers yesterday and while the new baby ones are okay for our little one, the bigger ones (XL) for our 22 month old are small (he is a big boy!) and of very bad quality, we have torn many tabs off just today... Help! wink

Thanks again!

oldnewmummy Thu 14-Aug-08 11:24:05


Pampers/Huggies are "different" here. Most people I know use Mamy Pokos which are cheaper and better.

Clothes: I like Mothercare (branches in Centrepoint (Orchard Road), Vivo city and Harbourfront (both accessible my MRT) and many other places, as decent quality and (relatively) cheap. Or if you go to Paragon Centre on Orchard ROad the 5th floor is all kiddie stuff. The Forum on Orchard is another kids' mall.

Have fun!

FleurDelacour Thu 28-Aug-08 13:59:38

Welcome to Singapore! Marks and Spencers in CentrePoint have a children's clothes section (and a new freezer section- yum!). I also use the Gap kids section in CentrePoint (this is not easy to find but it is in the new section of the mall on the rhs as you go in from the front).

aussieinde Wed 03-Sep-08 15:57:37

Thanks so much for the info, it has been extremely helpful!

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