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message for wilba or melbournemum

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lulalullabye Tue 12-Aug-08 13:07:38

Hi, lula here. We are finally coming over in Jan, and just investigating childcare. Have looked a t Kids company which has a large nursery in Sandringham. Have you any other recommendations, and can we do anything about waiting lists with out an address.

Also what is Elwood and Caulfield like ?

P.S, hope you are both well and will catch up soon.

MelbourneMum Thu 14-Aug-08 10:40:43

Hi Lula

I checked out that kids company in Sandringham and was not mad about it to be honest. We live quite near there. My 3 year old goes to one just around the corner called Tulip Street Early Learning Centre and it is FAB! I love it, he's been there two years and I can't recommend it enough. My five year old does the odd day there in occassional care and the kinder room is great too.

I don't think the 'no address' issue would be an issue. If you wanted to get in touch with Mary-Jane from Tulip Street by email just let me know and I'll give her the heads up.

Elwood is a fantastic suburb. Close to the city and beach, lovely little villagy shopping strip, I love it. The boys Godfather and my dh's best buddy lives there and its so great. Don't know about child care centres there though as we are in Sandringham.

It will depend on what type of child care you are looking for. If I just need an hour or two in the morning, I use the creche at my local gym which is wonderful. For full days for work etc I use Tulip Street which is an ongoing booking.

If you let me know what you are looking for I should be able to help you out re. this are.

Gosh you must be getting excited/nervous

give me a shout at any time

tuesdayandtheboys at gmail dot com

lulalullabye Sun 17-Aug-08 21:27:58

Cheers for that. Very excited now but loads to do. Just booked our flights and we fly out on the 15th with 3 days in Singapore on the way.

Will catch up nearer the time, and I hope all your family are well. Say hello to Wilba if you see her.

wilbs Tue 19-Aug-08 10:05:10

Hi Lula,

have just emailed you! See you soon

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