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Expats in Moscow

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Louise2004 Mon 11-Aug-08 12:36:33

For any expats in Moscow (Russia), an updated edition of Barbara Spier's "*Living in Moscow*" relocation book is due out this autumn. Further information is available at You can also sign up to receive Barbara's "*Fun Stuff*" mailing, which is a free monthly e-newsletter containing lots of interesting and helpful news, including information on all the expat clubs and activities/events.

The *British Women's Club* (BWC) is hosting its first meeting of the 2008-9 expat year on Tuesday 9th September at the British Embassy. Further information on the club and how to join is available at The BWC also runs the "*Family Network*" for families with children of all ages. Click on the "Family Network" page at the BWC website for more information.

The BWC FN "*Children in Moscow*" guide, which contains useful information on schools/kindergartens, family-friendly venues around town etc., is now online at The website is free and available for anyone to access (not just BWC members) following registration.

Louise2004 Mon 11-Aug-08 12:40:43

(Sorry, none of the words came out in bold and it looks like I've gone crazy with """s and *s! It's a good thing I didn't attempt to use the hyperlink as well grin!)

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