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clothes shopping in Brisbane

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FleurDelacour Sun 10-Aug-08 09:53:57

I am visiting Brisbane next week for the first time and would like to do some clothes shopping while there (for myself and the DCs). We currently live in Singapore and clothes shopping here is not easy. Can anyone recommend any stores or malls?

FluffyMummy123 Sun 10-Aug-08 09:58:12

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Sun 10-Aug-08 10:33:56

try the big stores like Myers, David Jones for designer stuff

for kids

I buy Target, BigW and KMart clothes - wear well and have some good stuff - get Best and Less for kids day to day play stuff.

There is pumpkin patch for kids stuff as well.

I am on the northside so for me -

Places to go:

DFO - factory outlet near the airport - have not been there but know plenty who have and say it is okay.

Try somewhere like Chermside shopping centre - has boutique stores as well as the department stores like David Jones, Myer, and the KMart and Target, Best and Less, Pumpkin Patch etc all in the one place. Fabulous kids shoe shop called Tammy's - measure and fit shoes - I often get the dds feet checked and then get shoes from Target etc depending on what I am wanting shoes for. Tammy's sell clarks, osh kosh etc.

Osh Kosh - are a great brand wear well - can get them at BigW. I have even got BigW brand stuff which is on its third child and still going strong.

For you - plenty of stores in Chermside.

Underwear - try Myer - Underwear is fab - got some great stuff from Target for me as well.

Day to day cotton undies - can't beat Bonds - very comfy undies - I love em. Fab designs, all sorts of styles and great.

How old are your dcs??

FleurDelacour Sun 10-Aug-08 16:29:44

Thanks Eidsfold- lots of useful info. DCs are 10 and 12. Two Girls. I will be looking for school shoes too so Tammy's sounds good. Singapore doesn't have smart lace ups that are acceptable to DD1 (quite fussy and likes UK styles like Bootleg).

FleurDelacour Sun 10-Aug-08 16:30:50

Sorry Eidsvold- spelt your name incorrectly. Oops.

eidsvold Sun 10-Aug-08 22:48:39

i really like BigW for day to day hanging out clothes - t-shirts, shorts etc. They are very reasonably priced and they last.

Bonds do a fab range of undies and vests etc for all ages and genders.

Not sure what sizes pumpkin patch goes up to.

Target had some good stuff in too.

Myer and David Jones - more expensive clothes.

I think the Myer in Chermside also has a large children's section in terms of shoes.

FleurDelacour Mon 11-Aug-08 13:44:16

Thanks again Eidsvold. I have printed your messages and will be there to look around very soon.

chloeb2002 Mon 11-Aug-08 22:28:00

will just ditto pretty much said my thoughts!

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