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Nurseries in Singapore - Any recommendations?

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myprinces Thu 31-Jul-08 08:22:35

There is a chance that we might be relocating to Singapore (cos of husbands job). I can't find much information on childcare for children under three. My DS is 18 months and has been in nursery in London for about 8 months and I want him to go when we are Singapore too as he loves it.

Can anyone recommend any nurseries? We will probably be living in district 15/16.

ninedragons Thu 31-Jul-08 09:04:29

Most people have maids to look after very young children at home, rather than use commercial nurseries.

Make sure you get all school fees included when your DH is negotiating his contract (even if you are not sure you will stay that long). I have friends in SG and schooling is very expensive, especially if you have to pay a debenture to jump the waiting list.

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