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Okay you lot in MELBOURNE...

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eidsvold Fri 25-Jul-08 04:00:04

Just how cold is it at the moment!!

I have my winter coat from the UK ready to throw on when we get there along with scarf and gloves. I have my boots but no thick tights to go under my trousers.

AM wearing jeans, long shirt, hoodie and coat down to Melbourne. THen have suit with thick jacket for funeral day - think it is cremation so no graveside service. THen have jeans, different long sleeve shirt, hoodie trainers etc to wear back to brisvegas.

Have thermal vest to keep my chest warm. Was madly trying to find a thermal vest or shirt to buy to wear at the funeral under good shirt - when I had a moment and realised that I had turned into my mother. Why - am thinking as I am looking at vests etc - just need something to keep my chest and the small of my back warm!! flashback to childhood moments of mother telling me to wear a vest to keep my chest warm!!! grin

superloopy Fri 25-Jul-08 08:04:55

Well today was about 15C, sunny, not very windy and no rain. I took the kids out for a bike ride wearing jeans, long sleeved tshirt, hoodie and trainers. I got quite warm while we were out and took my hoodie off.
I have never yet worn my thermals in Oz, or even while we were in the Uk.
We went to the snow on Monday and I bought a hat and gloves for that day. But no thermals!
I really think you will be fine. If you do start to feel cold have a cup of tea to warm up.
I too worry about turning into my mother too, all those annoying gadgets, gardening, baking/cooking she used to do all seem quite sensible and valid now! Noooooo.....blush

eidsvold Fri 25-Jul-08 10:40:43

oh yes - I baked my first loaf of bread tonight cause I am sick of paying out over the odds money for bread that dds eat half of cause crusts are a no no!!!

Hey - I have acclimatised back to Qld weather. I am sure I will be fine - just do the layer thing like I used to in the UK.

DCsnatchsunhill Fri 25-Jul-08 10:47:54

I am cold,cold, cold in a morning. Car was frozen up also so was late in to work. I don't thaw out until the sun is high in the sky and reaches my office window at about 2pm, then I strip down to my T-shirt.
Our heating stays on all night at the moment....brrrrrr.

On a lighter note, we hadn't had a gas bill in over a year. Just had our first for $215 and an apology. Yipppeeeee. Free Gas!

eidsvold Fri 25-Jul-08 11:49:26

will be staying out near the dandenongs! Have not been to stay with my aunt in over 32 years!!!!! Hopefully it is not too cold in the house

ghosty Sun 27-Jul-08 06:56:01

Hi Eidsvold - not been on MN for a while ... didn't know you were coming to Melb but sorry it is for a funeral sad
My European blood has finally thinned and I have been freezing the last week ... but I have been v inactive due to a broken foot (in plaster with crutches [doh emoticon]).
If I were you just layer yourself up - like superloopy i wouldn't worry about thermals but mayber have longsleeved tops under whatever else you are wearing ... in fact, what you have listed sounds fine ... you won't need thick tights under your trousers but do have warm socks
My feet are blardy frostbitten at the moment ... hmm

eidsvold Mon 28-Jul-08 03:23:48

ghosty - what did you do to yourself???

am trying to find my other bedsock -dh and the dds were playing puppet show with one of my fluffy warm socks that I wear around the house!

No sympathy for dh - looks like at the moment it is going to be colder up here than it is in Melbourne shock

eidsvold Thu 31-Jul-08 13:07:59

well it wasn't that cold at all. I got by on my long thick shirt and hoodie. I dragged my wool coat all the way down and back and did not need it. I did not need my $3 wool gloves I bought either.

This morning it was warmer at the dandenongs ( where my aunt lives) when we set off than it was when we got to Melbourne airport. It was 10 degrees when we left Melbourne and a balmy 21 when we landed in Brissy.

The funeral went well. I think it will hit my mum more when she goes back to Melbourne to stay with her sister on the weekend and they don't go to the nursing home to see my nanna.

So now home for dd1's sixth birthday. Dh and I have just put her bike together. She will be so excited. I also know dd2 will try and ride it all the time. (dd2 is also getting a bike for her birthday but has to wait until November!!)

IT felt very weird being away from the dds. Dd3 almost cried when she first saw me and then would not leave me alone. Dd2 jsut wanted to hang off my neck too. DD1 was far too cool for that smile

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