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BERMUDA - is there any mumsnetters living there or who have lived there URGENT

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mummydoc Tue 22-Jul-08 09:01:07

we thougt DH was going to be made recuntant yesterday but instead has been offered his job in Bermuda ( MD is moving there as company is registered there) . we have lived and worked overseas before so quite up for the idea, but i know nothing baout bermuda except it is small ! and has beautiful beaches. Does anyone have any info on schools , nurseries, cost of living, and a deal breaker is if i can work or not , i am a doctor with hospital and gp experience. anyone out there with any knowledge would be gratefully recieved. thanks

mummydoc Tue 22-Jul-08 09:01:33

forgot to add they want dh out there as soon as poss,

FluffyMummy123 Tue 22-Jul-08 09:02:49

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Tue 22-Jul-08 09:03:28

Message withdrawn

MadamAnt Tue 22-Jul-08 09:05:12

Wow - that sounds like it might be an amazing opportunity. Anorak is your best bet for the Bermuda low-down.

(childish lol at recuntant)

mummydoc Tue 22-Jul-08 09:51:19

thanks - i will post a message looking for anorak , lol at my dreadful spelling too , a bit shell shocked this morning tbh. cod did you like it when you went on your trip ??

allergictohousework Tue 29-Jul-08 20:24:14

This is a bit late in response ... if you still need info Mummydoc I lived in BDA for a while.

rocklobster Sat 16-Aug-08 01:32:23

Hi Mummydoc,
I worked in bermuda for 5 years, fab lifestyle, really easy to make friends, quite expensive cost of living as everything imported, you get used to it and salaries more than compensate (tax free) but great to fly off to the US for weekends and FAB shopping there. Loads of British and international docs out there, either hospital or as GP's so am sure you could work. Schools have varied reputation, seems most are happy up to end of primary school, we had friends who left when time to start high school. Private schools generally much better tought of than the public schools but I have teacher friends who work in public schools as well. BHS for girls and Saltus for boys, Warwick Acacdemy very good too. We were child free there, had DD after we left. We loved it but had sort of had enough after 5 years as it is indeed quite small, and we're now in Hong Kong. If you need more info let me know!

anorak Sat 16-Aug-08 02:36:52

I have been emailing with mummydoc by the way (Just in case anyone was looking for me). What work do you do rocklobster? My DH works in a bank and he had to go to Hong Kong a couple of years ago. Do you like it?

rocklobster Wed 20-Aug-08 08:45:04

I'm a physio, SAHM at the moment though. Husband in hotels. Hong Kong still quite new for us but good so far. Are you still in BDA Anorak?

anorak Wed 20-Aug-08 15:57:12

Yes, my DH's contract has two more years to run. Did you work in the hospital? I spent a lot of time there during the last few months being treated for cancer (I'm ok now).

rocklobster Thu 21-Aug-08 02:18:26

Yup, worked at KEMH. Glad to hear you're OK now, must have been a tough time though? Hope they looked after you well there. Did you have to go overseas for treatment too?
I just realised you have photos on your profile page, made me all nostalgic. We were in BDA pre children so had a 5 year party there, had to leave for the sake of our livers! Where is your house it looks lovely, we used to live in Devonshire near the arboretum, no views but very leafy!

anorak Thu 21-Aug-08 02:59:27

Yes KEMH were great. Haven't been overseas for treatment - I had chemo in the hospital here and I didn't need radiation. Had I needed it I would have had to go to the US. But will be going to Boston soon for a breast reconstruction as there are no specialist plastic surgeons on the island.

We live in Devonshire - in a little turning off Middle Road near the First Baptist Church and Ornamental Ironworks.

Yes I have had to cut down on my drinking, doctor's orders, but it's hard when you go out with the expat crowd. Where did you used to hang out?

rocklobster Thu 21-Aug-08 07:37:31

Glad to hear KEMH looked after you. Hope all goes well with reconstruction too.
Used to go everywhere really, Robin Hood pub quiz on a Tuesday night, Pickled Onion, Docksiders (closest to hospital for after work drinks), Happy Hour on a Friday night was great at Newstead but then it changed to Hamilton Princess. Regular booze cruises, used to love the ones where the Kennel boys played (are they still going?). Used to head out to Dockyard a bit too as friends worked at Frog and Onion.
Loved the rugby classic, thats the one event that we have considered coming back to Bda for, but haven't made it yet. Now we're in HK we'll unlikely get to BDA either as we'll travel around Asia on our holidays or nip back to Blighty to visit the folks there.
What does your husband do?

anorak Thu 21-Aug-08 13:34:23

He works at the Bank of Bermuda in tax.

Yes we go to the Robin Hood Quiz most Tuesdays. We like Dockies for the odd drink, there's a good juke box - when it's working! We eat at the Pickled Onion sometimes but rarely stay late for the entertainment - we tend to end up in Flanagans last thing. They still do Friday nights at the Hamilton Princess, but we like Friday night drinks at the Lemon Tree better. Let me know if you come out, we will have to meet up. Never heard of the Kennel Boys!

rocklobster Fri 22-Aug-08 06:33:08

Kennel Boys were pub covers band, fab when drunk and leaping about attempting to dance. Lead singer kept getting in trouble for de crack habit so I guess they stopped getting bookings as he would often not turn up at the gig!
Yes! Lemon Tree, that had just started when we left, was run by the chef who used to work at hotel with my DH, French bloke,can't remember his name now.
Will have to let you know if we do come out, not likely at this stage but you never know. Having first major typhoon in HK today, VERY windy, bit scary at times in a high rise, does remind me of our Bda hurricanes, no dark and stromy here though, will have to make do with a G&T!

anorak Fri 22-Aug-08 13:45:23

Ooh, sounds scary! I mean not having dark and stormies, not the typhoon grin

The French bloke just sold the Lemon Tree a couple of weeks ago - he and a partner opened a new restaurant and found they couldn't cope with both places. The new people seem to be keeping it exactly the same, thankfully. A fab cafe for lunches or coffee and cake, and a great place to have drinks on a Friday night.

The Kennel Boys sound right up my street but i haven't seen them around. The top act at the moment is Secret Po-Po, a teenage band who do reggae covers, they're very good.

rocklobster Tue 02-Sep-08 05:14:21

Hi Anorak, How's things? Survived the typhoon, nothing really untoward happened here. Secret Po-Po (where did they think up that name?) sound good. Need to find the HK equivalent now, could do with some good live music. We just hired our helper so have on-tap babysitting, just need to find where to go out to! (grin)

anorak Thu 18-Sep-08 00:27:33

Hi rocklobster. I noticed in the paper this week that the Kennel boys are playing a concert at the Southampton Fairmont on Saturday, we are going to try and go, since you've recommended them.

rocklobster Wed 24-Sep-08 12:15:27

Fab! Wish I could go too, used to love them. Hope they are worth the entrance fee, enjoy.

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